What is Taught in Fashion Media and Promotion?

Fashion media and promotion courses are designed to help you enhance your skills and understanding across a wide range of subjects within the realm of art and design. The theoretical knowledge and real-time training prepares you to embark upon your preferred industrial sector and even helping you decide the course that suits you best.

This blog contains a detailed overview of BA fashion media and promotion that can assist in building a strong portfolio of work even before you select a degree to apply. So you can create a stunning candidature and realise your full potential.

That’s not all, the modules are set in such combination that you will be intrigued explore and think further about allied areas of study. Some of the key skills you will develop include design and media, recording and exploration within art, investigation and fluency in a foreign language.

Statista Market Forecast on fashion worldwide highlights that the revenue generated by this industry in 2020 is projected to reach US$664,474m. You might be wondering how you can become part of this global phenomenon. Don’t you worry, as the bachelor’s degree in fashion media and promotion provides with an international stage? It aims to give you the chance to focus on specialist design practice in the creative arts by engaging in innovative research.

Students will delve into initiating, researching, and developing self-directed project ideas. They can grab the opportunity to propose and undertake a senior designing role and finally portraying their specialist practice and interests. Take advantage of your solid understanding of the role of a fashion communicator or art designer plays in creating specific looks for brands and clients. In this manner, you will broaden your horizon and take on diverse professional roles.

This programme will not only work towards polishing your fashion communication skills but also prepare you to effectively promote and market-fresh fashion concepts. You will learn to analyse innovative fashion imagery, as well as gain a good grounding of the fashion media industry. You will automatically stimulate the inner creativity and channelize innovative approaches to promote fashion goods and services.

Throughout the fashion media and promotion course, you will gain foundational knowledge of digital communication. You can re-define your fashion identity by assessing a particular area of the fashion industry that you would like to specialise in. Based on the strong emphasis on fashion communication and media learning you can develop professionally by participating in completing a self-reflecting audit or industry placements. This in turn makes room for the duration of your creative portfolio.

All the professional skills combined, this course becomes the starting point of all towards becoming a specialist. Grab the chance of truly defining your fashion identity by completing your dissertation or research theory and assignments. You will acquire the ability to synthesise and specialise what the fashion media and promotion program has to offer you. Opt for an honours degree in design and take the first step towards your chosen career path.

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