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Top 5 Bespoke Shirts and Bespoke Suits Every Man Should Own

When building your wardrobe it is important to make sure that you have the essential pieces to stand out no matter the occassion. In this brief article we are going to cover the top 5 types of Bespoke shirts and bespoke suits every man should own in their wardrobe. With that being said, let’s get started!

Essential #1 – White Bespoke Shirt

Let’s face the facts, no matter what type of occassion you are in and no matter what time or era you live in, there is no replacement for a well-fitted white bespoke shirt. Not only does a fitted white shirt look great on its own, but it also acts as the foundation to nearly every outfit and suit combination. Whether you are looking to wear a white shirt for an upcoming interview, or formal event, the bespoke white shirt will never let you down. The benefit of getting a bespoke white shirt as opposed to a regular one, is that bespoke shirts are usually made with premium quality materials that last much longer and offer a sense of sophistication to your appearance.  These premium quality materials allow you to dress up or dressdown your bepoke shirt in any way you see fit. One of the best combos with a white shirt is to combine it with a dark blazer, dark jeans, and white pocket square. Just like that, you’re instantly dressed up and ready for anything!

Essential #2 – Navy Blue Bespoke Shirt

When looking at the facts there is no doubt that peoples perception of you matter. Whether its in an informal event or a business networking gathering, your appearanace matters. Fortunately, due to consumer behaviour and psychology we are able to take advantage of wearing certain colors to promote a certain self-image. Among the most notable colors is your traditional navy blue bespoke shirt. Not only is a navy blue shirt extremely stylish and equally versatile in combining with other pieces, but blue is also the color most assocciated with trust, friendliness and calmness. Evidence of the power of blue is shown by many companies who use the color strategically in their marketing to convey a sense of trust with their customers. Fortunately, as a wearer and owner of a navy blue shirt, you can take advantage of this when you are looking to seal the deal at a business meeting, or are planning to go out to do sales or meet new people. All in all, blue is a very versatile color and even more powerful when combined with neckties, and suit/sport jackets.

Essential #3 – Patterned Bespoke Shirt

One way to further enhance your wardrobe is to opt for more flare in your bespoke shirts! One way to do this is to opt-for a patterned bespoke shirt design! We recommend going for stripes as stripes can add an extra level of depth to your outfit. For slimer individuals, horizontal stripes on a bespoke shirt can help accentuate the torso making you look fuller. On the other hand, for larger individuals, vertical stripes can help narrow your appearance making you look slimmer and fashionable! Besides looking great on their own, a patterned shirt also looks incredible with a well-tailored bespoke suit that will easily help you stand out in any business meeting or conference room!

Essential #4 – A Navy Blue Bespoke Suit

Now that you have your shirt wardrobe in check, its time to elevate your style by investing in some quality bespoke suits. If you don’t own a bespoke suit already we highly recommend investing in a navy blue bespoke suit for your first time. Not only is it extremely stylish, but a navy blue suit is also extremely versatile and can be worn in both informal and formal events. We recommend looking for a quality, two button navy suit made from quality material such as cashmere, cotton, silk, linen, velvet or wool.

Essential #5 – A Single Breasted Grey Suit

Lastly, when it comes to building your wardrobe, always make sure to invest in a single breasted grey suit. Whatever shade of grey you go for, a plain grey suit is the ultimate wardrobe staple that is easy easy to dress down when compared to a navy suit, which helps you look stylish in more casual events. All in all, with this unique collection of suits and shirts, you will always be ready to dress-up or dress-down for any occassion!

Where Can I Get My Hands on a Quality Bespoke Shirt and Bespoke Suit?

When it comes to getting a quality bespoke shirt, its important to work with a bespoke tailor that not only has the experience but also the visionary expertise to help design the perfect shirt for you. That’s why we recommend Isaac Ely Bespoke! Isaac Ely is a bespoke shirts and bespoke suits tailor who opened his atelier in 2001 and since then, has been working to serve his client base that have an aspiration for standing out with their style. All in all, if you are ready to make the most out of this 2022 with your style look no further than investing in some quality bespoke shirts.

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