Sustainable Fashion: How Big is the Industry?

We are all aware of the negative impacts that fashion has on our environment, but this is not stopping many people from following the latest trends. Sustainable fashion has started to become more popular recently, but how big is it in comparison?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the use of discarded, recycled or organic fabrics and materials to produce new clothing that is environmentally friendly. It’s meant to avoid the use of fossil fuels by using the least amount of resources possible. The goal of sustainable fashion is to produce clothing that doesn’t have any negative environmental impacts for years after it has been purchased.

The Size of the Sustainable Fashion Industry

The sustainable clothing industry is a fairly new one, but it has been growing. In 2018, the global market for sustainable clothing reached $3.4 billion. There are many companies that have been able to build their businesses around the principles of sustainability and these companies have seen a growth in sales over the past few years.

Environmental Impact of Sustainable Fashion

There are many environmental impacts that can be considered when determining whether or not sustainable fashion is the right choice. Cradle to rock style, where clothes are produced from natural fibers and free from chemical processes, has been found to cause a lower environmental footprint then the traditional process of manufacturing clothing. The cutting of down old-growth trees for paper pulp has been found to be less harmful with this style as well.

Social Impact of Sustainable Fashion

What’s the value of sustainable fashion? According to a study by PwC and Oxford, sustainable fashion—which includes the use of renewable resources and manufacturing techniques—is worth $1.25 trillion and will grow to $2 trillion by 2025.


Sustainable fashion is a growing industry that produces clothes with minimal impact on the environment. Unlike fast fashion, it can take a few days or months to create a piece of clothing. By purchasing sustainable goods, consumers can feel great about what they purchase and be proud to show it off.

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