Exploring the world of Lolita fashion

“A Lolita never grows old, rather it blooms like a flower every single day.”

Lolita fashion, which came from the streets of Japan, has become a symbol of an elegant lifestyle all over the world. Its sweetness has mesmerised the generations and it still continues to do so. People who wear Lolita call it a “lifestyle”, as it leaves a great impact on one’s personality and develops a new social-cultural relationship.

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Let’s have a look into this world:

Lolita fashion was started in the late 1970s with the rise of the ” Kawaii craze”, when it became a street fashion in Harajuku, Japan. At that time brands like Pink House and Angelic Pretty were selling the idea of “cute dressing/clothing”. People received this idea of a unique and youthful style as a radical change and started experimenting with this style, which resulted in a new fashion or lifestyle ” Lolita fashion/style”. With the popularity of Visual lei, it became widespread and acceptable. In 2002, Novella Takemoto wrote a book/novel “Kamikaze Girls” about a Lolita girl, which became one of the reasons for the the worldwide popularity of Lolita fashion.

  • A perfect blend of the Victorian and rococo style

The concept of skirts, blouses, and corsets in Lolita, came from Victorian garments while the extravagance, elegance and embellishment idea was from Rococo style. A Lolita dress not only has the design and style of the Victorian era but it also fits the modern world’s fashion with evolution in its style.

  • Aesthetic of cuteness

Cuteness is the main motive and theme of Lolita fashion. The term Lolita was

introduced for cute childish style clothing. The theory behind this “cute” element was to celebrate the adolescent years against the burden of responsibilities, which one had to bear during or after these years. Every substyle of Lolita contains a cuteness element, if it’s not cute, it is not Lolita. For this reason, floral prints, pastel colours, bows and frills are key features of Lolita fashion.

  • Symbol of feminism

A very people know that Lolita was put forward to promote feminism. At a time when patriarchy was at the roots of society, women started wearing Lolita dresses to show their resistance to social limitations and boundaries. Lolita was a sign of rebellion against cultural norms. Women of every age wear Lolita to reflect their social independence and unique personality.

  • Lolita offers variety

Lolita has evolved over the years and is divided into many sub-styles and themes but three styles are more general including classical Lolita, Gothic Lolita and Sweet Lolita. Each of them has a different theme and popularity. Sweet Lolita is more common in Japan with its extra cute element while gothic Lolita is rising in the West, thanks to globalization. Other popular substyles are punk Lolita, Guro Lolita, Wa Lolita, Qi Lolita and old school Lolita.

  • Lolita is for everyone

Lolita fashion is known as one of the modest styles of clothing that anyone can adopt easily. It has substyles for a modern girl to old school lady. One can wear a Lolita and still be a Hijabi or fashionable girl. The Internet has played an important role in the global spread of Lolita fashion.All the Lolita wearers follow the quote by Novella Takemoto in which she has described the emotions of Lolita followers rightly: “I am a Lolita. I do not believe in growing up. No matter how old I get, I shall remain devoted to ruffles and frills.” ― Novella Takemoto

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