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BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo Professional set Review

BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is a hair care product from Bawang that dispenses a blend of Chinese herbal extracts that help smooth hair and make it stronger. It is formulated to fight dandruff, itching and redness while cooling and moisturizing the scalp. Although hair analysis is not a cure all solution, this product can be used as a treatment for mild dandruff, fine hair loss or dry scalp. Most importantly, it can be used daily to help keep your scalp healthy and strong. It is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates or animal hair residue.

Review of BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo Professional set

I have been using Bawang Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo for about 7 months and I can honestly say that it does work. I had been using it with the conditioner and my hair feels much healthier than before. Not only my hair, but also the skin on my scalp feels more soft and healthy. I use it to wash my hair once every other day or so, so it should last at least a year. It is a great product! – Edith K. Fields

I have tried so many different brands of hair products and nothing works. I have been using this shampoo for a month now and am pleasantly surprised to see that my hair fall has reduced by 50% or more! Also, it is very easy to use. I just lather it up on my scalp, leave it for 1 min and rinse off with water. No need for conditioner as the shampoo is very moisturizing. – Leah D. Young

The shampoo is very gentle on the eyes and hair. My scalp felt less itchy after using the product, and my hair didn’t feel oily at all. The shampoo made my hair a lot more manageable and it was easier to style. I have been using this for about 5 days now and I haven’t noticed any split ends yet, and I hope they don’t appear in the future! – Aubrey J. Schnell

Product Descriptions

Bawang Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo contains a few types of herbal extracts such as Chinese Arbovitae Leaf, Ginger, and Ginseng that are combined using a special formula from traditional Chinese medicine. The shampoo is intended to reduce hair loss in the long term by strengthening your hair follicles and reducing the frequency of hair strand breakage. The Shampoo is a unique, herbal-name TCM formula to neutralize the over-stimu-lation of scalp. It is said that the main benefit is that it soothes the scalp and solidifies hair root.


1. Optimize hair root, prevent hair breakage
2. Rid of dandruff and remove scalp bacteria
3. Gently nourish hair follicles
4. Control oil secretion effectively and balance

How to Use

1. Massage into scalp before rinsing
2. Avoid washing your hair with hot water
3. Apply weekly for better results

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