Bliss and Grace Makeup Brush Review
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Bliss and Grace Makeup Brush Set Review

I’ve been a makeup enthusiast for over 10 years, and until recently I never used an expensive makeup brush set. Recently, I tried my best friend’s Bliss and Grace professional wood makeup brush set and had to share the before and after photos. If you think good quality brushes can do more for your look at affordable prices, you might want to try these adorable brushes.

What is a brush set?

It is a set of cosmetic brushes that include a powder brush, an eyeliner brush, and a contour brush. I like this for its convenience and it is great for travelling.

Benefits of wood

One of the disadvantages to a lot of synthetic makeup brushes is that they tend to be much more expensive. However, you can purchase a wood-handled brush set from Bliss and Grace for a fraction of the price. With this set, you save money by cutting out the middleman, and you’re able to use materials that are more environmentally friendly than synthetics.

What brushes are included in the Bliss and Grace Professional Wood Makeup Brush Set? One of the main features of this professional makeup brush set is the use of natural and sustainable wood. This brush set includes a total of 8 brushes: 2 foundation, 3 powder, and 3 eye brushes.

How can some of these brushes be used for beauty?

The brushes in this set are incredibly soft and dense. They feel like a dream to use and they feel like quality. I couldn’t believe how well they were made when I first pulled them from the box. The bristles are super soft yet hold their shape really well which makes it easy to get a nice, even stroke with each brush. You can also clean these brushes with just water which is super helpful for me because I’m really lazy when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes.

How to clean your makeup brush set

The key to keeping your makeup brush set’s bristles in pristine condition is to wash them properly. After each use, it is important that you rinse out the bits of product that have been left on the brushes. In addition, one should never leave the brushes wet or damp after washing, as this can cause mildew and other issues.

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What’s the difference between synthetic and wooden makeup brushes?

There are a number of differences between synthetic and wooden brushes. For one, synthetic bristles offer a better grip on the bristles. They also tend to be more durable and do not get “stuck” in many brush holders. The following article offers a fantastic explanation of all the pros and cons of both types of brushes!


This is a fantastic brand of brushes for those looking to build up their collection. This set includes two makeup brushes and one powder brush. Both the blush and eyeshadow brushes are incredibly soft and do a great job applying their respective powders. The powder brush has a pretty large head which makes it easy to apply the product evenly.

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