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How to Choose the Right Shade of Blonde Wig

Blonde is considered an adventurous and sensational color that never goes out of style. Contrary to popular belief, blonde is a color that fits perfectly with everyone. The trick to finding the right shade is to pick one that matches your skin stone.

Wigs are the best way to go, especially if you want to experiment with different hair colors. Rather than dying your hair and regretting it, you can use a wig to determine the right blonde shade. You can easily get the wrong blonde shade if you are not careful.

5 Basic Tips for Selecting the Right Blonde Shade

Finding the perfect shade is the most challenging part of selecting a wig, regardless of the length and style. Remember, not all blonde shades work well for everyone. Here are some basic tips for choosing the right blonde wig, you can go UNice blonde wig collection to get more ideas:

Find the right skin tone

Determining your skin tone is the first step to finding the right blonde shade. This step is so vital that getting it wrong means you get a wig that doesn’t match your appearance. Before finding the right blonde shade, you must first determine the category under which your skin tone falls.

There are three basic categories – warm, cool, and neutral. There are several ways to determine skin tone. One method is to check your wrist color. If their color is purple or blue, it signifies a cool undertone. While a green color indicates a warm skin tone. However, if a mixture of both colors is present, then you have a neutral skin tone.

While the above-listed categories are the most common skin tones, interestingly, some still don’t belong there. The fourth and uncommon category is the olive skin tone. Generally, people confuse olive skin tone with the neutral one; however, they are different. Olive skin tone is characterized by a yellow and greenish-gray hue making it a unique undertone.

A common misconception about skin tone is that fair people tend to have a cool undertone while dark people get a warm undertone. This is not particularly true; sometimes, as this is not always the case. Without a proper skin tone test, you may not be able to get the right blonde shade wig.

Your Eye Color matters

This is probably not surprising since eye color influences many things, especially when it comes to our dressing. Regardless of other factors, you want your eye color to stand out. Selecting a shade that compliments your eye color is important. It takes your look from nice to gorgeous and makes your shade shine brighter.

Every blonde shade has an eye color they complement. Although this still depends on how much contrast you want. Generally, deeper blonde shades tend to complement brown or dark eye colors, while a light shade is preferable for blue or other lighter eye colors.

However, if a blonde shade complements your eye but conflicts with your skin tone, you should drop it. It is preferable to choose a blonde shade made for your skin tone than eye color. Remember, the right make-up can still make your eye pop!

Consider your Age

It is often said that life evolves in stages, same with your hair. What appears vibrant and beautiful during a youthful phase can produce washed-out effects as you age. Lighter shades tend to be more suitable as people get older. The reason is that the skin tends to become paler as you age. And lighter shades provide a warmer and more natural appearance for paler skin tones.

Also, some treatments like chemotherapy usually leave the skin looking paler than usual. So when selecting a wig, it would be wise to choose one shade or two lighter than your natural color.

Consider your Climate

No matter the shade you pick, maintenance is an important factor. Some shade requires high maintenance compared to others. Furthermore, weather conditions also matter. For people living in a sunny environment, darker and deeper shades tend to fade faster due to the sun’s effect.

For people in this situation, here are a few things to consider when selecting a blonde wig:

  • Understandably, you want your wig to last longer but prepare to buy a new one once it loses its shine.
  • Select a wig that can be re-dyed; this way, you can keep the color vibrant
  • Lighter shades tend to last longer so they are a more favorable option

You may want to select a lighter wig shade to ensure your wig last longer in this condition, but remember, not all shades will fit your skin tone.

Maintenance is Important

It may sound shocking, but some blonde shades are high maintenance. For example, platinum requires regular care and maintenance, while shades like ombre need little care to keep them in top condition. And you can opt for some wig types that are easy to maintain, such as u part wig, headband wig, v part wig, etc. You can go shop UNice headband wig to achieve an easy installing and maintenance blonde hair look.

While skin tones matter when choosing the right blonde shade, you also want to consider maintenance.


Blonde is vibrant and beautiful, yet it comes in many shades. It is not a one shade fits all, however, there is a shade for every skin tone. Getting the right shade requires careful consideration but you will always find one that matches your skin tone.

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