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BANILA CO – b by banila Velvet Blurred Lip Review

Banila Velvet Blurred Lip Color contains tiny particles that help apply color smoothly, like with a makeup artist’s brush. It’s perfect for creating a natural look or even for shrinking dull lips. The fine powder is absorbed by the skin and this helps create a more even lip color. This product is also lightweight and comes in a compact, which makes keeping it on a desk or in an open bag easy. The lip glides on easily and feels like nothing else. The intense pigmentation of the fibers gives them an extra pop of color without overwhelming them or making them look shiny.

Review of BANILA CO – b by banila Velvet Blurred Lip

I am a huge fan of lip tints, but have never tried a spreadable one before – now I never want to go back! I was worried that it wouldn’t last long enough for my daily routine, but this lip tint lasts longer than some of my other lipsticks. And the best part is that the color is build-able – I can swipe on one layer for a subtle hint of color or two layers for a more bold look. – Eva Moore

I absolutely love the product! The colors are beautiful, each lip tint is so creamy and buttery and it is so easy to apply. The finish is really nice, it’s not too matte or too glossy, but somewhere in between. They stay on for a few hours but tend to fade away nicely as if you’ve just had something to drink. The price point is a bit high for me, but I would definitely purchase again! – Lilly Sharp

I love, LOVE, LOVE this lip tint. I’ve used it every single day since it arrived, and I’m not ashamed to admit that my lips have never looked better. The color is flattering on all skin tones and the formula is soft and creamy. The product is easy to apply and goes on smoothly without feathering or bleeding. It’s also a great product for anyone with dry lips because it keeps them moisturized throughout the day. – Demi Johnson

Product Descriptions

b by banila Velvet Blurred Lip tints are great for creating a blurred lip look that settles into the lip line for a soft focus finish. The easy glide formula contains airy micro fine powder and primer gel to give perfect even lips with no dryness. Contains cotton seed oil and avocado oil to leave the lips feeling soft. For best results use as part of the complete b by banila Velvet collection. Not only the blur effect, but also, it leaves moisturizing nectar to the lips highlighting their natural colors and texture.


1. Bright and natural finish
2. Long lasting finish
3. Airy texture finishing
4. Benefits of Cottonseed Oil and Avocado oil

How to Use

1. Apply before other lipstick or gloss
2. Use the side to fill in lips
3. Use the pointy end to line the edges of your lips

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