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Silk vs. Lace Closure: Which One is Better

The debate is still undecided on which closure is better, silk or lace. Sometimes you just have to face the reality that not every single person loves the same things. Silk is typically seen as a more expensive option, while lace can be found in many different price ranges. This article will give you information on the pros and cons of both closures, so you can decide which one would look best for your personal style.

Silk Closures

It is not hard to see why silk closures are the best option. They are not only comfortable, but they are also easy to put on and take off. Silk is antibacterial and therefore protects against infection, whereas lace closures may pick up bacteria. Silk closures also do not require soaking, for which you should expect to pay more money.

Lace Closures

Silk closures are smooth and gentle. They are very flexible so they can adapt to any style of bra if you wanted them to. It is possible to wear them under another closure for extra security against snagging, which is always a plus. Silk also offers better breathability than lace closures, which is always great to see in bras with fabric over the cups.

Pros of Silk Closures

13×4 Closure are a popular alternative to traditional, metal closure. They are not only easier to use and more comfortable, but they also provide a more natural looking application. Silk closures are composed of a thin layer of silk thread that is pulled over the back of the eyelash. In contrast with lace closures, which require plucking individual lashes from their roots, silk closures provide a more uniformed result. Lace closures have been gaining popularity in the last few years due to increased availability and lower price point when compared to silk clamps/eyelashes. Lace closures provide a quick and easy application

Pros of Lace Closures

If you’re looking for a more natural look on your hair, lace hair closures are a great choice. The material is soft and doesn’t irritate the scalp. If you’re planning on wearing your hair up a lot or on a daily basis, then this is the best closure option for you.

Cons of Silk Closures

There are a lot of benefits to silk closures such as less friction, tidier and neater than lace, no irritation and the ability to look forward to having artificial hair extensions. However, it can be difficult to remove, take up more time and there is a possibility of the cap becoming misshapen.

Cons of Lace Closures

A lace closure has the ability to hide your true hair color, which may not always be what you want. Texture is one of the most important factors in determining which closure is better for you. Silk is considered more natural and it can also lock moisture in.


Silk is more comfortable, easier to adhere, and less likely to run out of adhesive. Lace is cheaper and sturdier, but not as long-lasting. Overall, silk is a better choice for closure.

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