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Byredo Blanche Eau De Parfum Review

In this article, we’re going to discuss the byredo blanche eau de parfum from a review perspective. In addition, we’ll also break down what makes this particular scent so special as well as the lasting power that it has on the wearer.

Byredo is a brand that specializes in natural, eco-friendly fragrances. The company was founded in 2012 by Olivier Gillotin and RĂ©mi Parmentier, who left their jobs as managers for the LVMH Group, to pursue their passions of creating these high-quality perfumes. The brand has released a variety of amazing scents over the years, but one particular fragrance caught the attention of many – Blanche.

What is byredo blanche?

byredo blanche is a variation of another scent that has been available for some time, called byredo white. The difference between these two fragrances is the addition of some notes to this new fragrance, including some floral notes and some more exotic notes. This fragrance has some interesting properties, including being able to combine with any other scent in your collection.

The aftertaste of the perfume

Byredo blanche eau de parfum is a very sensual, musky scent with top notes of Italian bergamot and mandarin orange. It’s doesn’t smell like many other Eau de perfumes. The scent of the perfume is very intoxicating. It has a sweet, fruity scent which makes it irresistible. It is also long-lasting and very refreshing on the skin.

The packaging

I love the packaging of the Byredo blanche eau de parfum. It’s clear and that their company name is in large letters. I also think that the font is beautiful and you can easily tell what type of perfume it is when you see it. The packaging of this fragrance is so dreamy, with the bottle being encased in light sand, a white shell.

The sand comes in lots of different colors and has some pieces of coral. The design behind the bottle is very modern and fresh: geometric shapes and embossed letters. The bottle itself is made from glass and looks like a shape of a flower bud with the scent coming out the bottom.


Byredo Blanche is a subtle and complex scent. I get lots of lavender, floral notes, and some amber. It has a blend of woods and musk, which is perfect for the fall/winter time. I get a lot more from this fragrance than what’s listed on the bottle, so if you’re looking for an earthy fragrance that lasts through the day, then I would highly recommend this to you!

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