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Olayer China hair straightener Pros and Cons

There is still much debate as to which Hair straightener is the best hair straightener for your hair. Although we have already provided a review on OlayerHair straighteners which also got alot of great feedback from our readers. Just checkout out some of the comments made by our readers here. We have decided to update with a new review since OlayerHair straighteners are popping up everywhere with reviews. OlayerHair straightener 1.5″ You literally can go to or google and search for “OlayerHair straightener” and see our website and you could know more information about Olayer hair straightener manufacturer.

The idea of this article is to cover the pros and cons of the OlayerHair straightener to maybe help someone who is on the fence about purchasing it decide one way or another.

We’ll start with the pros.

OlayerHair straightener Pros

It’s really great at straightening thick/coarse hair with one pass-through

You can curl your hair with it (See the video review below for the demonstration on curling)

Straightens hair quickly

It leaves your hair silky, shiny and healthy-looking

Has a swivel cord

You control the temperature with heat settings from 175°F-400°F

It has a 1-year warranty if purchased through Olayer hair curler company. Any problem Olayer will solve that issue for you during this time.

OlayerHair straightener Cons

May not function very long. Some customers have said that as early as 6 months and as late as 2 years, their OlayerHair straightener broke: plates fell off, the iron started smelling really bad whenever used, pulled their hair even after cleaning because of product build-up on the plates, and burned/damaged their hair.

Doesn’t warm up as fast as some other best-selling Hair straighteners such as GHD.

Occasionally pulls your hair (hair gets caught on the end of the plates)

OlayerHair straightener Reviews from a CEO who is a professional hair styler

To be fair I am going to share with you two different video reviews each expressing different opinions. One reviewer is honest about the negative aspects of the OlayerHair straightener and the other reviewer raves about how great it is. Enjoy both of them and I hope they help with your purchase decision. You can go to to check the testing video and the styling result, specially oalyer cold wind hair straightener that is one of the best hair straighteners in the world today.

Where To Buy the OlayerHair straightener?

They will cost you more to purchase through the shopping mall, almost twice as much but you can buy authentic Olayer Hair straighteners company through and there are many colors you can choose from.

If you are looking for wholesale price in the bulk order, contact Olayer hair straightener manufacturer, they will quote you a factory price for all of the hair styling tools.

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