Your Guide on the Different Types of Earrings

Dressing and accessorizing for your body type and face shape is all part of learning how to best accentuate parts of your features. Something small that can make a huge impact are the accessories you choose, like choosing the right earrings for small ears, or the right earrings for a long face. To know the differences from one shape to another doesn’t require much.

Matching lobe earrings and formal versus informal occasions for jewelry are behind us. Luxury brands are hopping on board to edgier styles and piercings, while maintaining quality. Being open to exploration is the key to discovering what type of earring best suits you, and in different combinations.

Different Types of Earrings

These are the most popular types of earrings today that work best for mixing, matching, and stacking onto one ear:

Stud earrings: Stud earrings are by far the most popular type of earring to stack because of their versatility. Since it is smaller, it can sit almost anywhere on the ear. It uses a post backing to keep it in place. They generally have a simple design, but can also come in ornate ones, especially when they sit on the lobe. Precious stones like diamond, pearl, or precious metals like silver and gold are the most popular style of stud earrings.

Barbell earrings: Barbell earrings are stylish, edgy earrings that usually sit at the top of the ear, through the helix. They have a barbell shape, and the closures sit at the ends to hold it in place. They can be straight or curved, and can pierce one or two parts of the ear. They add a punk flair to any look, and are often paired with more casual styles.

Hoop: Hoop earrings make a loop and create a circular shape. Traditionally, they belong on the lobe, but can be stacked on any number of parts of the ear. The backing is usually a hinged closure, hoop wire, or post. When pierced on the inner or upper ear, it is best to go with something smaller and delicate. Like stud earrings, they are popular and generally simple in design. They are most often made of sterling silver and gold. Hoop earrings can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit and hairstyle of the individual.

Different Types of Piercings

Now that we are familiar with the type of earrings available, we will quickly go over the anatomy of the ear.

Lobe: the most fleshy part of the ear. It is also the lowest part of the ear.

Tragus: the innermost part of the ear. It is the closest set to the center of the face. This has the thinnest skin and most amount of cartilage.

Anti-Tragus: this is the ridge above the lobe. This is generally fleshy, but also sits right below cartilage.

Daith: this is the ridge above your tragus.

Forward Helix: is area also has thin skin and is mainly cartilage. It is a high part of the ear

Conch: this is the center of the ear, on the outer ridge

Rook: the rook sits above the daith on the inner part of the ear. It is mainly cartilage.

Helix: this is a high point on the ear and sits on the outside ridge.

Stacking Different Earrings

Deciding which earrings go together when you have multiple piercings requires some curation. Here are some guiding questions to help decide if stacking different earrings are for you.

Is It Painful?

For most, it is usually best to start with the lobe, and work your way up. Pain tolerance can be another factor when stacking earrings. Generally, fleshier parts of the ears heal faster and involve less pain. This is the lobe, or the outer part of the ear. The inner ridges of the ear have more cartilage and can be painful to most.

How Large Are Your Ears?
The size of your ear also dictates how many earrings could work for your face. If you have small ears, having multiple earrings may overcrowd your ears. However, if you still want more than one, having one or two spaced throughout your ear (like one at the top, one at the bottom) can still look curated and polished.

2:3 Ratio is Best

Let’s say you have the real estate to have more than two earrings on one ear. Following a 2:3 ratio is a safe bet to help with creating a sense of balance, and to avoid your ears looking crowded. This means, grouping piercings in two’s and three’s can help achieve a balanced look. For example, having three lobe piercings but two at the top help balance the space of your ear out.

Achieving a curated look with multiple kinds of earrings does not have to be difficult. It is no longer in bad taste to wear more than one pair of earrings. Many jewelry brands have embraced new conventions in fashion. By using simple jewelry, one can accomplish a multitude of fashion looks.

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