Why you should try the forever Jewellery trend

We’re increasingly becoming aware of the issues with fast fashion nowadays and timeless and everlasting jewellery has very much come into style. When it comes to the things we wear, classic pieces that are made with sustainability in mind are in, and wasteful ‘trendy’ jewellery that will be forgotten in a matter of months are out. Nowadays, we’re all looking for something stylish and sentimental that we can keep forever. This has led jewllery designers down increasingly interesting paths, away from disposable, costume jewllery pieces that are only intended to be worn for a short time, and towards forever jewellery.

What is forever jewellery?

If you’re not yet familiar with the concept of forever jewellery, you will be soon. It’s quickly taken off amongst the young crowd, first gaining recognition and popularity on TikTok. As the name suggests, forever jewellery is jewllery that is intended to be worn permanently. It’s designed without a clasp, so that the wearer need never take it off. If it sounds a bit claustrophobic, or inflexible to you, you need not worry. Permanent jewellery is usually made from very fine silver or gold chains, so it won’t clash with your outfit or other jewellery, and it’s very easy to wear day in and day out. Without a bulky clasp, it’s extremely dainty and great for daily wear. Permanent jewellery is so fine that it won’t set off a metal detector or bother you during daily tasks, but it is made from materials that will hold up to wear and tear.

Many people are choosing to get forever jewellery because its permanency can make it quite sentimental. It’s great for couples, best friends, sisters, and mother/daughter duos who want to show their care for one another.

For those who are worried about changing their mind, there’s no need. Forever jewellery is very easy to remove. All you need to do is snip your necklace or bracelet off with a pair of scissors if you decide that you’ve had enough of wearing it. Most jewellers can resolder it for you if you decide to put it back on later.

The process of getting forever jewellery

Getting forever jewellery is a little bit more of an involved process for both the purchaser and the jeweller than the typical shopping experience. Those who are buying forever jewellery will need to attend and appointment to select the chain they would like. This usually involves a short consultation with a jeweller before they cut the chain to size and solder it in place. The process is quick, safe and entirely painless thanks to a specialty welding tool that most jewellers specialising in forever jewellery use. In many ways, it’s a very similar experience to getting a tattoo, as it’s quite sentimental and can be done in a group or with friends, but without the pain. It’s a fun and fast experience that’s perfect for hens parties, birthdays, engagements and other special occasions!

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