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Why I Stopped Using My Denman Brush?

I have been using my Denman brush for about 10 years. I bought it when I had my first perm, and never looked back. The bristles are made from natural animal hairs, which I love because they aren’t plastic or irritating to the scalp. Plus, they are fixed to the handle in three places, not two like most brushes, which makes them much more durable!

The blog explains why they stopped using their Denman brush and how they felt about it.

What is a Denman Brush?

Pampering your feet is something that people enjoy doing. I have seen many women who use a brush to wash their feet with soap before going to bed. This can be hazardous because soap can dry out your skin or cause blistering. I started using my Denman Brush, which was recommended by my dermatologist, two years ago to ensure that my feet are properly cleaned and conditioned before bedtime.

Why do people use a Denman Brush?

People who use a Denman use it on their heads and on their bodies. It is very versatile and people who use one say that it saves them time, because it can be used as a brush for both. A Denman comes with a brush that is made of soft, flexible bristles that conform to the contours of your head which makes it great for styling strands of hair.

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Why did I stop using the brush?

I┬áhad my brush for about a year and loved it. It also helped that it made my hair so much easier to clean, but I still didn’t think I needed to replace it with a new one. Then, I noticed that the bristles were getting pretty bent and not as sleek as they once were. This is when I realized that they weren’t lasting as long as they used to and this really started to give me pause. So now that I’m done with my brush, I’ll be looking into investing in some other accessories like brushes or combs which will last longer with less worry

I don’t have time for that!

When I first started using my Denman brush, it felt like a revelation. When I used the brush, my hair was left feeling softer and shinier just from brushing. It became a part of my morning routine for a while. However, after some time passed, I began to realize that this tool had some serious limitations.


My reasons for not using my Denman brush solely stem from the fact that it made my hair feel like straw. After a few weeks of usage, I noticed that my hair was breaking and splitting at the ends, which is only adding to the damage caused by over-washing.

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