What’s the Dress Code for Pro Dart Players?

You see dartboards in numerous bars and restaurants, and you can easily find them for your home as well. Playing darts is a pastime that’s an excellent way to have fun. If you enjoy the game and aren’t half bad at it, you might even consider joining a professional team. These groups play in tournaments and showcase their talents for others to see.

Different tournaments and groups have different rules to keep in mind. Some leagues have dress codes that can differ depending on your league. Before you join the pros, be sure to do the research and find out the specifics. It would be awful to show up for a tournament and not get to play because you wore the wrong jeans, right?

Here is a quick look at what you might expect from a dress code for professional dart players.


The dress code only has a few strict areas. It might also depend on whether you are playing with the amateurs or the top-tier professionals. We’ll cover that difference shortly.

In most cases, the tournaments are not overly strict about the pants you wear. You’re allowed to be comfortable. although not everything is allowed. The preference is to wear dark jeans or black trousers. A simple dark wash pair of petite bootcut jeans is a great choice. Of course, you could choose a black pair of pants or jeans as well.


Choosing the right shirt can get slightly more challenging. You’re best off wearing a simple polo. In some tournaments, a specific polo with a certain logo might be required. In some cases, you can just wear a plain t-shirt. The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) requires you to place logos and patches from sponsors on your shirt.

If a specific shirt is not provided, you should plan on something plain and not distracting from the patches and logos you may have to attach. It’s acceptable if your shirt has a pocket as long as you can place the required logos. PDC is for top-tier professionals at sponsored tournaments. In some cases, the rules may not be this strict.


In a tournament dart game, shoes are required but are not regulated. You can wear any closed-toe shoes that you prefer for play. You’re allowed to wear shoes that are sponsored and logoed as well. During gameplay, you remain mostly stationary. However, you’ll want something that makes you comfortable and stabilized.

If you use a specific pair of shoes to practice in, you might want those. It’s what your body is used to wearing when you throw a dart, so you’ll be more comfortable.

Amateur Vs Professional

You’ll find there might be a difference in some dress codes depending on your event level. In some amateur tournaments, uniforms are provided. In cases where they aren’t provided, you might have to wear specific colors or designs. This ultimately depends on the sponsor of said tournament. While it’s rare, there are even times when no dress code is required. In those cases, you should dress according to the primary standards we’ve noted here.

In top-tier professional tournaments, they tend to be more strict. The regulations are set by dart organizations rather than by the sponsors. Most of the rules are directed toward the style of clothing that you wear. As long as the required logos can be attached and you wear the appropriate styles, you can get away with your own fashion quirks.

Final Thoughts

While there is a dress standard among professional dart players, there is a lot of room for flexibility. Bring your own style to the game, just stay within the basic guidelines. Always check the tournament or the sponsor guidelines to be sure you dress for regulations.

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