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What To Know Before Buying Korean Cosmetics?

Before you purchase a bunch of products from the popular Korean cosmetics brands from the internet, you need to be aware of certain things. Incorporating Korean skincare products in your skincare regime is not something you should trade lightly because a standard Korean skincare regime has 7-10 non-negotiable steps which you should follow strictly every day your receive clear, moisturized and healthy skin.  Before you can remember the steps and the order of the steps, you will be required to understand the difference between different products and why they are applied in that order.

While some Korean cosmetics brands have made it simpler for beauty enthusiasts to come up with a product that will eliminate a couple of steps such as the trending BB cream, most of these beauty brands are selling individual products. They are encouraging customers to buy all their items to receive clearer, shinier, and famous glass-like skin, although that seems a little farfetched to experts.

Standard skincare routine set by popular Korean cosmetics brands

Confused about which Korean skincare routine to follow, the best Korean cosmetics brands have come up with a 10 steps Korean skincare regime that has taken the beauty world by storm. Read the rest of the article to educate yourself on the products which are to be used in these 10 steps of daily skincare.

  • Step 1 calls for oil cleansing the face to remove any oil, makeup, and dirt from the surface of the face

  • In Step 2, experts are recommended foam-based face wash to deep cleanse the face to remove any makeup or dirt stuck in the pores of the skin.

  • In step 3, you are required to use toner to close the open pores and also tighten the skin in the process.  Now whether or not, tonner is effective that’s debatable.

  • Ampoule/ Serum and Essence is applied in Step 4,  where all these three products are highly concentrated liquids used to slow down aging among other benefits. Use serum for dry skin, essence for oily skin, and ampoule can be used for all skin types.

  • Step 5 calls for a moisturizer and we are well aware of the benefits of hydrating your skin with enough moisturizer. Opt for gel or water-based moisturizers depending on your skin’s requirement.

  • Step 6 is optional but you can pamper your skin with face packs to help your skin with the extra set of nutrients after a long week of stressful work.

  • The eye cream comes essentially after the options face pack, where the former is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles that appear around the eyes as the first signs of aging.

  • Step 8 gives you the chance to moisturize your skin again in case you have dry skin.

  • Plenty of sunscreens is to be applied on your skin as part of step 9 of the Korean cosmetics skincare regime.

  • Last but not the least, you can put makeup after this as step 10.

So, these are the trending 10 steps Korean skincare routine.

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