Discover the vacuum therapy machine for beauty professionals

Massage constitutes one of the most appreciated universal methods as far as well-being and beauty is concerned. Along with the spread of technology, the technique of vacuum therapy emerged in cosmetics wide universe. To get rid of cellulites, fat deposits and toxins, this smart machine can be your best ally. But these are not the only benefits you can get from a professional vacuum therapy machine.

What’s a vacuum therapy machine?

The machine allows you to perform professional massages. Also known as a suction cup machine, this device uses suction cups to lift the skin of different parts of the body. In principle, the mechanisms that constitute it work together to stimulate the blood flow.

Some cosmetic procedures that include the treatment of obesity, the cellulite treatment, the treatment of fibrosis, the buttock lifts, the treatment of liposuction but also the breast lifts and the body contouring need today professional vacuum therapy machine.

Even if it is not a pure weight loss solution, it can help you lose weight in the right and specific zone such as the belly, the thighs or the arms. Along with the professional vacuum machine, the patient only has to follow some healthy lifestyle.

And as a suction cups machine, it can also be used for face lift. That is even the most famous usage of this machine that some salons push up in their ads.

Roles of the device

The device improves lymphatic drainage, stimulates the muscles and breaks the cellulite fat deposits. To go deeper, remember that through its mechanisms of action stimulates directly the fibroblasts of the blood and boost the lymphatic drainage with the elastin production.

As a result, it improves the regain of elasticity of the skin that has been treated with the cupping machine. That’s the reason why it is efficient in softening the appearance of the skin. It is a reliable machine to abolish facial wrinkles and to smooth “orange peel” dimples. It also works this way on the thighs, the breast or the buttocks.

Benefits of the device

If you decide to invest in the suction cup machine, notice that it is a painless method. Where can you find an efficient machine which can eliminate the majority of the aging of the skin? While the cupping machine treats the insufficient muscle tone or a localised fat, it proposes tangible results.

When you use the vacuum beauty machine to reduce the cellulites, the fibrosis after a lipo or some stretch marks, scars, or folds, you can expect reliable results. And if you want a great device to reduce the double chin or the puffiness, it is the perfect solution.

For the modern and trendy salon, using a Professional vacuum therapy machine for the regular facial care is a good argument to propose to the customers. Within that specific offer, you can propose correction of facial contours, lifting and surface skin cleaning as a bonus.

And as the professional vacuum therapy machine is at the same time a compact, ergonomic and reliable device, the customers can order some specific vacuum treatment that the machine can handle.

Besides, even if the results of this treatment are not permanent, they can linger if the patient follows regular appointments. In fact, after one session of vacuum therapy, the results may last four to six months.

The machine: for whom?

Professional vacuum therapy is a reliable invention that presents efficient results for all the candidates that can bear the treatment. Before going into the whole process, the patient should go through some consultations.

Apart from the physical exam, the initial consultation should also reveal the medical history and the goals of the therapy. The candidate also has to explain his or her lifestyle as long as his or her specific chronic conditions.

The provider of the massage should also know about any of the candidate’s prescription medications, vitamins or even nutritional supplements. It is only after this review that the provider can develop the vacuum therapy that fits to the convenience and the needs of one patient.

Usually, these in-office appointments take place weeks before the beginning of the vacuum therapy. And once you begin the therapy, you can schedule regular appointments to experience the real beauty of your face and body.

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