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Everything You Need to Know About T Part and U Part Wigs

T part wig

T part wig is one of the newest wigs according to the latest fashion styles. Many ladies are fond of t part wigs. They love and enjoy wearing it as it boosts their looks. A wig has mainly three parts: how it can be styled, the materials and structure.

Material: This wig is similar to a standard lace wig but it contains less lace. They can be easily available in stores with 100% virgin humane hair.

Structure: Its name is taken from its shape as the lace part of the wig looks like T.  

Style: As a person do many styles with lace front wigs, T part wigs are also versatile and one can style it in many ways according to fashion trends like straighten, crimp, curl.    

Now we will discuss the pros and cons of choosing a T part wig for your hairstyle.

The benefits of using T part wig are:

  • T part wig comes at affordable prices and it is much cheaper than other wigs like lace front wigs with a good natural-looking effect.
  • T part wig has a full-frontal hairline area which natural hair like results that you may find in more expensive wigs like lace front wigs.
  • There is no need to buy other parts of the wig to use it properly as it comes ready to means that this wig is very much convenient for styling and wearing.
  • As it is cheap it doesn’t mean that it is bad in will give you a long-lasting look if you buy it from a good store.

The disadvantages of using T part wig are:

  • The main thing is that why it is available in so much affordable price range.
  • It contains lace at t part only and the part line is fixed. You cannot change it from where it is parted.

U part wig

Before lace front and other wigs become popular u shaped wigs were very much popular among women. Their name is derived from their shape as they contain shape structure with tracks of the weave are sewn onto a wig cap with an opening.

The opening is for natural hairs to go through which make hairstyle versatile which make them better. You can part either side of your head or straight down in the middle as you like. Its main benefit is that it gives natural-like look and it isn’t easy to notice it.

  • There are many ways to use U part wigs as it comes in different styles like asymmetrical bob wavy hairdo. Many women say that u part wigs do not pull your head so tightly and prevent you from hair loss problems.
  • Another benefit is that you can sleep while wearing u type of wig. You just have to prevent hair from dryness.
  • U type wigs last up to how much and the way you use it. Usually, they last up to 12 months but if you should wash your natural hair, their life may increase.

If you will follow the tips in this blog post you will enjoy wearing u type of wig.

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