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Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Review

Many skin problems often occur due to the unwanted treatment of hair removal or other hand growth and removing activities. Such treatments can cause serious problems to the skin just like rashes, irritation, redness and other problems. Thus, when I faced the ingrown hair problem, I started consulting doctors a few times when the irritation got high. My Doctor suggested me to give a chance to Skin doctors ingrow go that is an effective solution for removing ingrown hair without causing any side-effect to the skin. 

Therefore, after giving a try to the product I am writing this Skin doctors ingrow go review to help you understand its uses, benefits and pros and cons. 

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So, after suffering from the problem of ingrown hair and was desperately looking for a hair removing solution that can perfectly remove the unwanted ingrown hair without causing any harm to the skin, I finally came to know about the Skin doctors ingrow go. After reading about the solution on the internet, I immediately decided that it is the one thing that should have. So, I ordered it online. The MRP of the product is 12.99 euros but it cost me 9.74 euros at the discount price. 

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The Skin doctors ingrow go works as a powerful solution which is designed to ease out the problem of hair while helping to soothe and calm the area around it. Further, it cleanses and purifies the affected pore right before exfoliating and helping to slough away dead skin cells. It works wonder by releasing the trapped ingrown hair without making the skin suffer from bacteria or other harmful effects. The result is quite effective as along with removing the hair from the sensitive part of the skin, the Skin doctors ingrow go smoothens the skin and cleanse the area perfectly. 

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Review

On the other hand, the skin is left with less visible lumps and bumps with its pure solution and effective formulation. The product has an MFG (manufacturing date) printed on its this is not the best before/expiry date of the product. Further, when I received my pack, I did testing by applying its fist on the hand as a patch testing before using its normally. I suggest you do the same with the solution if you want a safe and protected use of the product.

I addition to this, the product came in the form a lotion that made it easy to apply on any part of the body to remove the unwanted hair even form the sensitive areas of the skin. The lotion is thus ideal for shaving rashes as it perfectly helps to clean and purify the skin with its antibacterial properties. Moreover, it also assists with the moisture flow and its anti-inflammatory effect reduces the effects of redness and swelling form the skin. Hence, the skin feels extremely moisturized and soft as it refines and re-texturize the skin’s surface with the lotion formula.

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The Skin doctors ingrow go comes with the proper direction to use the lotion to avoid any harm of the skin. The direction to apply the solution is as follows:

  • First, take out the lotion on a moistened cotton wool pad
  • Dap the pad on the affected area carefully and gently
  • Use the lotion both morning and night into the affected area to clear it
  • Kee it on the skin form at least 12 hours 
  • Wait for 12 hours before waxing and shaving on the area

Now talking about myself, I loved the product the way it almost reduced my problem to 90% in just a single application. My problem of ingrown hair and itchy legs are gone now and I love how it keeps my skin smooth. 

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