Should you wear corsets under a bodycon dress?

For some years now, corsets have ceased to be an outfit exclusively for followers of the Gothic and Renaissance culture to become a trend that, in addition to shaping the figure and hiding those rolls that for some can be annoying. It gives a sensation of sensuality and elegance depending on how it is combined.

From lunch with investors to a dinner with your partner or a party to celebrate a friend’s birthday. However, many women are wondering should they wear corsets under a bodycon dress? If you are one of them, let’s find out here in this blog. In addition, we are also going to suggest several ways to combine that corset with different accessories depending on the occasion and the time of day.

Unless you are wearing skirts and petticoats daily, you must be wondering how to wear corsets under a dress. Before you plan to layer a corset with romper playsuit, here we give you a few tips to wear it under a dress:

– Choose a no-frills corset

– Switch to satin material ribbon laces

– Make a ponytail

– Layers with shapewear

1. Pair the underbust corset with a chiffon dress that has a short. Corsetry and a wide ruffle are components commonly seen in bustier-style evening wear. The dress can have either straps or sleeves to the armhole. And an asymmetrical scarf or hem would mimic past runway collections shown by designers. A monochromatic palette, for example, a matching black dress or blush corset and the like can help produce a harmonious and elegant look.

2. Balance the structured look of the corset with soft, feminine footwear, such as embellished peep-toe ankle boots. A subdued metallic hue such as bronze can be a dazzling choice. Or, a splash of color, like sparkling sapphire, can be an eye-catching option that could make a fashion statement.

3. handles from a handful of beads as a tribute to the founding of the decade of the underbust corset. In the 1890s a beaded satchel was considered one of the attire necessities of the evening, according to the book, “Devil with the Devil: 20th-Century Costume Beautification.”

Matching the colors of the shoe charms can help give the ensemble a more cohesive look. For example, select a clutch with cool tones such as blues, lavenders, or silver accents to match metallic gray or sapphire open-toed ankle boots.

4. Finish the underbust corset with minimalist jewelry and hair styling. When wearing overtly attractive garments, such as corsets, going simple on the hairstyle and jewelry can help balance the look, making it attractive in a more modern way, the “New York Times” reports. Tiny silver stud earrings or simple diamond earrings, paired with a slicked-back French twist, can be the perfect pose for this fashion-forward ensemble.

Corset and skirts for the office:

We already defined that a corset will shape your figure and make you feel (and look) sexier; but if you wear it to the office, wearing it with a pencil skirt in a neutral color is a great idea.

The skirts of this style tend to be sober, which contrasts perfectly with the overflowing sensuality of the corset. We suggest that the skirt be flat and plain, so it will not detract from the corset but will complement it.

A corset and a blazer – Perfect for a meeting:

Another outfit that can work for the office is to wear a corset with a blazer and dress pants. Like the skirt, the blazer complements the corset in a way that adds a little more seriousness and elegance. If you choose to button it up to below the bust or wear it open, it also makes the details and appliqués of the corset stand out a lot.

Out with friends? Corset and jeans:

Jeans are a very casual garment that, if you know how to use them correctly, will make a plain corset look incredible. Being so flashy, the corset complements that relaxed, uncomplicated look that a pair of jeans gives without making you look too dramatic or excessive. Remember to level the charges when using them; if the jean has appliqués use a plain corset and vice versa.

Under a vintage dress. The sexy touch:

Wearing corsets under vintage dresses adds sexiness and drama. In 1950 the burlesque styles were very fashionable. So, if you get dresses that suit this era, you’ll be the party’s sensation. You can complement it with a jean jacket closed to the bust or with a matching bag, they will make you look very elegant.

Corset and long-sleeved shirt:

If you have a corset up to the bust, you can complement it with a matching long-sleeved shirt that serves to highlight your figure and add some irreverence to your look.

You can wear the corset over your shirt for a laid-back rock star look or under sheer wide leg pants with top for a sexy edge to your outfit. The most important thing about wearing this style is that you complement your outfits in a way that balances them out and doesn’t look overdone or vulgar.

At Solado, we think of you and offer you alternatives to the corset, scientifically tested and proven; practically invisible garments, which you can mix with any change of clothes without worrying but to look radiant.

With these styles, don’t be afraid to wear your corset and feel much more sensual and feminine; In addition to shaping your body, they give you a different touch and combine with practically everything – so use them!

The corset is one of the fashion garments that hide the most myths and controversies, but its history shows that it was a piece desired by most women to stylize their figure matching the time’s tastes.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not reserved for a specific social class, it was not so bad for health and there were even models that were designed for men.

Going out top long sleeve use ceased to be exclusive to high society and extended to the bourgeoisie. Besides, the models were adorned with ribbon in the lower part area or lace differing on social status.

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