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PURITO – Deep Sea Pure Water Cream Review

Purito is a unique facial cream that comes from the ocean. It contains no sulfates or synthetic fragrances and is rich in antioxidants and minerals. This means it fights the effects of free radicals and helps nourish your skin cells while leaving behind a healthy oily sheen. It is suitable for all skin Including post-acne marks, dark spots, oily skin or rosacea. The smell is uncannily clean – like a fresh beach breeze. Being an entirely natural product, purito is free of animal derived ingredients.

Review of PURITO – Deep Sea Pure Water Cream

I have extremely sensitive skin that breaks out from almost any type of skincare products. I’m really impressed with PURITO Deep Sea Water Cream because it has a light texture and doesn’t cause any breakout. What’s even better is that my skin feels hydrated and moisturized after using it. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from dry skin problem and wants to try something that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, but still works well. – Louise Noble

PURITO Deep Sea Pure Water Cream is a thick but light weight moisturizer. I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed into my skin. It leaves a smooth supple finish to the skin without any greasy residue. My skin feels softer and more hydrated right away with no oily or heavy feeling. I think PURITO Deep Sea Pure Water Cream would be best for dryer winter months for anyone who has combination or normal skin.” – Shannon Potter

PURITO Deep Sea Water Cream is amazing. I have sensitive and acne prone skin, and this cream has been the best I’ve ever used. It doesn’t break out my skin, it’s lightweight, and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It’s very moisturizing without being greasy. I also love that it has no parabens or animal testing! – Jade Donnelly

Product Descriptions

PURITO’s Deep Sea Pure Water Cream provides exceptional hydration for all skin types. This pure water cream contains 60% deep sea water that helps maintain a healthy balance of moisture in your skin, allowing it to stay soft and supple throughout the day. It also contains hyaluronic acid which absorbs up to 1000 times its weight in water to maintain elasticity, and niacinamide which supports natural skin cell turnover rate. This luxurious cream provides powerful moisturization and nourishment with marine ingredients such as deep sea water, algae, fucoidan and trehalose to help maintain healthy skin cells.


1. Suitable for all skin types
2. Niacinamide makes the skin healthy
3. Deep sea water can moisturize the skin
4. Hyaluronic acid can keep the skin moist
5. Panthenol can make the skin full of nutrients

How to Use

1. Apply after your toner and serum
2. Dot around areas you need extra hydration (typically dry patches)
3. Gently massage in circles for absorption of the product
4. Pat to keep the skin looking moist and glowy!

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