Hi and thank you for visiting my blog. My blog is PR friendly.
If you would like to contact me regarding any products or brand related blog posts, please feel free to contact me on…
I started my blog because I wanted to have a space where I can give honest opinions about products that I want to let you guys know about.
If any products have been sent to me for reviews I will mark the most with an (*), anything else has been paid for with my own money. If I am sent something this does not mean that it changes my opinion in anyway, my reviews will always be 100% honest.
I do use blogger websites to link to products mentioned on my blog so some of the links that you see will be affiliate links. This means that I am compensated if anybody buys anything through the links that I provide.
All images here on my blog have been taken by my own two hands. If I do use anybody else’s images I will give them credit and link to the original image. So, please if you are going to use any of my images please do the same.

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