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Neeta Herbal Hair Tonic Review

Neeta Herbal Hair Tonic is a hair tonic infused with native American healing properties. This unique formula is made with 100% pure essential oils of sumac, lavender, oregano and rose hips. It features an innovative gel base which provides immediate relief from scalp irritation, reduces dandruff, improves skin elasticity and toughness, while strengthening the root hair shaft with increased hair growth. Use this hair tonic as a pre-raid treatment or post-raid treatment when you need to improve appearance instantly.

Review of Neeta Herbal Hair Tonic

I am in my late-20s and have been suffering from hair fall for the last few years. Tried all the salon products, home remedies and even some very expensive hair care products. I had almost given up hope of ever having shiny, silkier hair and then I happened to stumble upon Neeta Herbal Hair Tonic on Instagram. This product is seriously a miracle! My hair feels thicker, softer and has started growing at a faster rate. – Jade Holt

I had been using Neeta Herbal Hair Tonic since last few months. I was always afraid of putting hair products on my hair, since I have very sensitive scalp and it tends to react to lot of products. Neeta Hair Tonic is the best product for hair growth I have ever used. It not only helps in faster hair growth but also prevents hair fall. I highly recommend this product to everyone who cares about their hair and wants to make them beautiful. – Amy Henry

I’ve been using Neeta Herbal Hair Tonic for a month now. I have very dry and coarse hair due to lack of hair care in my early years, but this hair tonic has definitely helped improve the texture of my hair. My hair is now softer and more manageable. I’m very satisfied with this tonic and would highly recommend it to anyone who has rough, dry or damaged hair. It’s been great for me! – Grace Gardiner

Product Descriptions

Neeta Herbal Hair Tonic is a herbal hair tonic formulated with Jatamansi berry, Bael fruit and Triphala that treats an assortment of hair disorders. This product can be used to prevent hair fall, stimulate hair growth, strengthen the hair and improve hair texture. It also improves shine and softness of your hair. The main ingredients like Jatamansi, Bael and Triphala in this herbal tonic infuse your hair with opulent shine & softness. This product has been dermatologically tested and approved for application on scalp. Pamper all hair types.


1. Stimulate hair growth
2. Nourishes the scalp
3. Strengthen the hair
4. Maintain healthy hair cycle

How to Use

Apply all over the hair and leave it for 5-10 minutes.
Press it in between palms to soften and then massage your hair gently using your fingertips.
Rinse off with water.

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