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Lulu Organics Hair Powder Review: How to Use?

Hi, guys, good morning.

I just woke up, I saw my pajamas. I just wanted to show you what I do every single day, literally after I wake up, because I wake up and my bangs are super chunky, greasy because I’m super TE’s only.

So in the night time, this area gets oily and I hate the way it looks. And if I just need to get up and go, which most mornings I do need to just get up and go, I throw a little hair powder and these bad boys and it fixes everything. And this is my bathroom. It’s all pink. And yes, those are breasts in the background. You guys know I love some breasts.

All right, so here’s my hair powder. Yes, I’m using a tester because I’m cheap af, so I use all the regexp. I put just a tiny bit into my hand and by a tiny bit I’m. Would say like a dime side of the mark, can you see this? Like that much, and I wrote my hands together, I read them together and I let kind of the excess powder just like fall into my sink or fall into my toilet. Either way, if you’re worried about that clay powder getting into the into your drain, but basically your hand should look like this, just a very light coating of dust.

I wouldn’t recommend sprinkling it right on your head because you will end up looking like George Washington, have a powdered wigs. It’s not ideal. So I take this and I start from underneath and I just kind of slowly. Work my way up and under, and if you want to go deeper into your root system, you could do that to. And I kind of end that routine by running over the top of it, and if you think you need more, you can do it again.

I’m just going to put a tiny bit more in. And just, you know, lightly work it up and under. And if you have any like a resident at all, it will go away, the oil will absorb the powder and it will not reside in your hair any longer. I mean, it will reside there, but it will be soaking up that oil.

So it will have a presence at all. And then I usually just like run a brush really quickly through the area that I worked down and then voila, my, like, fluffy soft bangs or back. Mind all the gray hair, so hopefully that is helpful for you guys. Have a great morning.

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