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How to Remove Warts Fast and Easy

There are a few ways to remove warts from your body, and the best way to get rid of them is to remove the virus that causes them. You can use salicylic acid, which is an over-the-counter treatment that works on both soft and hard warts. You can also mix it with baking soda to form a paste, and apply it to warts daily. It is recommended to apply this treatment after bathing since the moisture will allow the acid to sink deeper and work better. To get rid of warts, you need to file off the dead surface and then apply the solution to the affected areas.

Another method to get rid of warts is by applying apple cider vinegar to the affected area. You can purchase this product on Amazon or at your local drugstore. You can also try a mixture of lemon juice and distilled water. The lemon juice can help reduce the size of the wart, but it is important to dilute it thoroughly. The citric acid in lemon juice is as effective as tretinoin topical creams at removing the wart. Garlic also has antiviral properties, thanks to the compound in garlic. You can crush some garlic and apply it to the wart or use a pumice stone to file it down.

Another way to get rid of warts quickly is by using banana skin. While there is little scientific evidence that it cures warts, the potassium content in the peel is believed to combat the HPV virus. A mixture of banana peel and apple cider vinegar applied to the wart can be very effective for getting rid of the wart in a matter of days. You can also soak a cotton ball in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water and apply it to the affected area. Once the wart is gone, you can wash the area with water.

Another way to remove warts fast is by using lemon juice. This remedy can be done daily by soaking the affected area in the solution. During the treatment, you must leave the area for at least 12 hours and then remove the tape. During this period, you should also apply a paste of apple cider vinegar and water to the affected area. Afterwards, you should wait until the wart has disappeared completely.

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Using duct tape is another effective way to remove warts. You should apply the juice to the affected area and leave it on for 20 minutes. You can also apply the paste to your skin to reduce inflammation and pain. For best results, you should apply the remedy daily. A cotton ball may be necessary if the wart has become too big and you have warts on your fingers.

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