How to Buy Perfume Online – Without Being Able to Test It

Perfume buying relies so much on how a fragrance smells, it might seem strange to even consider buying a new scent without testing it first. But, in the same way that many of us now buy shoes and makeup online without trying them on or seeing them IRL, more and more people are choosing to buy perfume online.

And with good reason. Online perfume retailers offer more choice, better prices, and an ease and convenience that suits our busy, modern lifestyles.

But, if you can’t test a perfume before you buy it, how can you ensure that you make the right choice? Keep reading to find out more about buying fragrance online.

Seek Inspiration from Your Favorites

The best source of scent inspiration will be the fragrances you know, love, and use regularly. Then, based on the notes they contain, you can gain insight into which scents suit you best. For example, if you love Blossom from Jimmy Choo, there’s a good chance you’ll love other fruity, floral scents featuring notes such as red berries and sweet pea.

Know What Notes to Avoid

As well as the perfumes you like, make a note of the fragrance testers you’ve smelled and taken an instant dislike to. Find out which notes these contain to know the scents that don’t complement your natural scent. This way, you can also rule out possible perfume choices without having to test them first.

Consider the Name

Although it’s not an exact science, perfume names can offer clues to the kind of scent you should expect. For example, fragrances that include words like “intense”, “dark”, and “night” in their name tend to be heavier, full-bodied scents intended for nighttime wear. Likewise, perfume names with references to “fraiche”, “water”, and and “air” convey the sense of more subtle, lighter scents that work better during the daytime.

Pay Attention to Packaging

When buying perfume online, you can infer a lot from packaging colors. Manufacturers often use red bottles, for example, to suggest warm and spicy perfumes, while yellow packaging often alludes to zingy, summer-filled scents. As for gold and black, these colors highlight the luxury and exclusivity of heady, nighttime fragrances.

Read Fragrance Descriptions

When you’re buying perfume online, every possible hint can help you make a decision. Luckily, fragrance manufacturers and many online retailers offer descriptions of their scents, explaining the style, intention, notes, and emotions behind each perfume. Look for descriptions that match how you’d describe your personality  or those that appeal to your outlook on life and what you want the perfume for.

How to Buy Perfume Online

When you’re not sure how to test a perfume before you buy it, taking your time and doing your research can help you make an informed decision.

With this guide to help you consider everything from the packaging to the name to the description, you should have a good idea of what to expect before you buy perfume online.

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