How Tarot Can Lead You in the Direction of Your Desires

Tarot cards are a tool used for divinity purposes. Each of the 78 tarot cards in a complete deck represents a different archetypal being or lesson that the reader can take away and use in their daily life. When reading cards, a person shuffles the deck then lays them out in a tarot card spread. These cards can help lead you in the direction of your desires and identify opportunities and new perspectives that are crucial to maintaining health and happiness in your lifestyle. Continue reading to learn more about how tarot cards operate and how they can help you guide your life toward greater wellness and achievement.

Understanding tarot card meanings can help you make sense of a reading.



There are a few basic steps when reading a tarot card spread. First, you’ll want to consider your question, then you’ll shuffle the deck and lay out the cards in a spread with positions that relate to that question. Finally interpreting the cards to make sense of the question will help direct you toward your desires and future. A 7 in tarot is a common draw when approaching any question that you may be asking. There are five number 7 cards and one card that reduces to the number 7 in a tarot deck. An individual with life path number 7 is someone who is spiritual and mysterious. These people have a passion and energy for finding the truth and understanding the world around them with greater clarity. These individuals will continue to develop their personality and outlook on life through efforts aimed at learning about the world and the purpose that has been set out for them and their future. These individuals embrace honesty and the mysteries of life. They are natural healers and spiritual people, and they often overcome challenges thrown into their path by learning from difficulties and finding new solutions that can offer a resolution.

Understand your life path number and work toward a career that supports your dreams and skills.



Working with top college consultants is a great way to translate the lessons of a life path number into actionable objectives that will support your career and lifestyle aspirations. College consultants are a fantastic resource for anyone seeking guidance on the admissions process or help in selecting a program or campus to attend. Consultants are professionals with many years of experience working with high school seniors and juniors who may not yet know what they want to do with their lives. Speaking with a consultant can help you make sense of the options before you, and they offer tailored services that will help you polish your resume and craft the perfect admissions essay.


Collegiate experience is an essential element in the pursuit of greater financial and lifestyle success. On average, those who have earned a college degree will enjoy greater opportunities in terms of salary negotiations throughout their life in the workforce. No matter what kind of career aspirations you hold, speaking with a college consultant and considering your life path number in tandem with one another offers greater clarity in the direction of your life.


Those marked by the number 7 make for great nurses, teachers, and other professionals who dedicate their lives to the well-being and benefits of others. These types of practitioners are essential in our modern world. With the increased levels of stress that people see on a daily basis, those who seek the truth and offer support and stability to others around them are in high demand.


Consider the frameworks that tarot can offer when seeking your direction in life and chasing after your purpose and desires.

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