Go green with these eco-friendly cosmetic tubes

Just the thought of using products from conventional cosmetic tubes can make you gag. And even though you think nothing will change in the cosmetics industry, a new crop of cosmetic tube manufacturers is on the rise that want to shake up the status quo and make their products available to everyone- at affordable prices. In doing so, they’re essentially supporting the movement to cut toxic industrial waste and make the world a healthy, sustainable place.

Enhance the natural beauty of your customers with terrific eco-friendly cosmetic tubes. Sustainable cosmetic tubes are perfect for your beauty shop or salon, eco-friendly and organic. Made from the highest-grade, food-safe, nylon plastic or organic that is highly durable, so you can use them year after year with great confidence. Eco-friendly cosmetic tubes sell for less than other traditional cosmetic tubes, making them perfect for your makeup business, too.

In the wholesale cosmetic tube packaging industry, going green is a hot topic in today’s society and there are more and more suppliers of sustainable cosmetic packaging. More and more cosmetic companies are choosing to replace their old cosmetic packaging with environmentally friendly cosmetic tube packaging.

So, if you too want to join the bandwagon and reduce the environmental impact of the cosmetics industry, now is the perfect time to switch to biodegradable or environmentally friendly cosmetic tube containers. This post from professional sustainable cosmetic tube packaging supplier-Lisson will walk you through some simple alternatives to ecologically harmful cosmetic tube packaging.

Eco-friendly cosmetic tube packaging options for 2022

If you’re confused about how to find biodegradable cosmetic containers for your brand, you’re not alone. As a supplier of sustainable cosmetic tube manufacturers specialising in aluminium cosmetic tubes, bagasse cosmetic tubes, kraft cosmetic tubes, Lisson has seen many brands struggle to find eco cosmetic containers that protect their products and are economically adaptable. Here are some of Lisson’s suggestions for wholesale custom cosmetic squeeze hoses that may be a good option for you

1. PCR cosmetic tube packaging

PCR cosmetic tubes are attractive to environmentally conscious consumers, and they can also save you money on energy costs. Recycled cosmetic packaging suppliers have been using recycled materials, which helps to save energy and greenhouse gas emissions, while reducing the risk of contamination as recycling facilities increase their use.

PCR is a versatile material that can be used in a number of different ways. The process of “lightweighting” or using fewer raw materials to manufacture products is also common for manufacturers of plastic cosmetic tubes, one reason being that it offers them cost-saving benefits.

Cosmetic tube manufacturers offer includes many different types of packaging to cover your needs. The most important is the shear strength of 15MPa, which ensures the safety and efficiency of your products. The most important is the shear strength of 15MPa, which ensures the safety and efficiency of your products.

PCR cosmetic tube packaging has been proud to offer the most eco-friendly packaging solutions in the industry as leading the industry with a focus on sustainable packaging.

2. Wholesale aluminium cosmetic tubes

Aluminium is one of the most recyclable materials and aluminium extruded tube containers are used in a variety of cosmetic, skin care and pharmaceutical industries. So if you are ready to offer a more professional feel to your brand, Alumium eco cosmetic containers could be the answer.

Aluminium is a material that can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties. 70% of the aluminium once produced is still in use today. The only downside is that it also takes centuries for aluminium to completely decompose. However, unlike plastic, aluminium eco-cosmetic containers can be recycled continuously for generations to come.

3. Sugar cane cosmetic packaging

Sugar cane cosmetic packaging is the best choice for biodegradable containers for cosmetics. Sugar cane is a renewable alternative to traditional polyethylene made from fossil raw materials such as natural gas and oil. Sugar cane helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing and fixing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during the production process. This product enables you to make more sustainable choices for your company’s packaging by using at least 25% sugar cane resin.

Sugar cane is a sustainable packaging option and manufacturers of sugar cane for cosmetic tubes are breaking through the global demand for natural and sustainable materials. We are recognised by our wholesale cosmetic tube customers for our packaging is very attractive to the market, in addition to creating a global impact by using sustainable materials from sugar cane. We offer the highest quality and the best customer service.

The wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturer opens up a whole new half-life for the sugar cane industry. An efficient packaging that helps extract more from sugar cane while reducing waste.

Hiding the toxicity of skin care products in fine plastic squeeze tubes can lead to many skin and environmental problems, including premature ageing and the release of cancer-causing plasticisers and chemicals. It’s time to become part of the eco-friendly cosmetic tube family. Affordable, easy to use and robust, these environmentally friendly cosmetic tubes will bring you brand recognition and consumer loyalty! Relative newcomers to the cosmetic packaging market, Lisson cosmetic tube factory is here to provide a green alternative for all your cosmetic packaging needs.

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