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Everything You Should Know About Period Pants

Period pants weren’t always the first thing that women wanted to deal with during their periods, but now that several manufacturers are creating them, they have a larger variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Not everyone is aware of this product, so it is time to make sure that everybody knows what period pants are.

People began to stop wearing pads and tampons because they weren’t friendly to the environment. After all, they create a lot of waste products. Period pants eliminate the need to throw something away when it becomes engorged with blood.

The reason that period pants are better for the environment is that you can wash them and wear them over and over again. This also saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to purchase a new box of tampons or pads every month.

How Do Period Pants Work?

The concept of period pants may be so new that you are wondering, “How do period pants work?”

Period pants contain enough padding to hold the amount of blood that at least two tampons can hold. They were made so that the blood will not leak, so they will never stain your clothes.

The gusset in WUKA’s period pants contains several layers of material. The middle layer absorbs the blood and locks it inside. The outer layer wicks the moisture away from your skin so that you always feel dry. Every layer is leak-proof, and they are breathable so that no uncomfortable odors can be detected. This also reduces the risk of infections.

The gusset is so high that it reaches all the way to the back waistband. This keeps the blood from leaking out while you are lying down.

Why Switch to Period Pants?

Period pants prevent leaks and odors, but they are also more comfortable than other types of period products. The material used for tampons is irritating for some women, but you will not have this issue with period pants. Many women also find sanitary napkins to be messy, but this will not be the case with period pants. For example, you will not have to deal with a sanitary napkin that can move out of place. Even menstrual cups can be a bit messy, but the breathable nature of period pants leaves them feeling comfortable for hours.

How Effective Are Period Pants?

It’s possible that a pair of period pants would last you all day. These period pants come in three different sizes, including heavy flow, medium flow and light flow. You can definitely wear them all day if you are also going to be wearing a tampon or a menstrual cup. On days when you have your light flow, one pair of period pants should be more than enough.

You need to know the answer to the question, “How do period pants work?” You also need to know where you can purchase period pants. The company was founded in 2017 by a group of women, and they named their company “Wake Up Kick Ass” or WUKA for the purpose of giving women all over the world a chance to be their best when they are on their periods.

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