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Comparison Between a U-part Wig And A V-part Wig

If you want to get longer, fuller, and more beautiful hair, you can choose human hair extensions. Real human hair is the preferred choice of most people because of its natural look. However, when choosing wigs, there are several things to be aware of before purchasing. Recently many hair product sellers introduce new types of wigs in the market i.e u -part wigs and v-part wigs. The wigs are rapidly gaining fame among the people because of their unique styles.

A U-Part Wig is u shaped wig because it has u shape hole on the top of the wig cap. It is neatly sewn by machine on u shaped wig cap.

A V-Part Wig is a v-shaped wig because it has a v shape on the top of the wig cap. It is also a machine-made product without using any chemicals.

Common Features of U-Part wig and V-Part Wig

  • Wig Construction

Both human hair v part wig (check v part wigs here: and u-part wig have the same construction process. Both are sewn on a wig cap and the material of both wigs is long-lasting, relaxing, and breathable.

  • Easy Installation

Both wigs have an easy installation process that even an untrained person can install with zero skills. You can easily put on and off both wigs every day.

  • Budget-Friendly

Both wig’s prices are so affordable that anybody can purchase them. Both wigs have virgin human hairs so they can use for a very long time so it is a worth buying product as well.

  • Change In Style

You can easily change their style as you want to. You can straight, crimp, and blow-dry them. you can change their color by dying or bleaching them.

  • Open Part

Both wigs have an open part on their top parts so you can leave some of your hair over the wig and blend or mingle them with your hairline

  • Haircare

Both wigs are your haircare friends because you can put the wig off at night and can have a relaxing sleep. You can follow your hair care routine with no worries. Both wigs are washable so you can gently wash them with shampoo.

Different Features of U-Part Wig and V-Part Wig

  • Shape Difference

Both v-part wig and u-part wig are different in opening shape. One has a v shape opening part and the other has u shape opening part. This is a big difference between these two.

  • Pull Out Hair

For a v part wig, you need only some of your hair strings over your wig or you can wear it without any left out but for u part wig you need to pull out more of your hair to cover u shape hole and create a natural impact.

  • The Band

In the case of human hair U part wig (check u part wigs here:, it has a band that you cut before wearing the wig the v part wig doesn’t have any band.

We hope that you find this article helpful regarding the information about the v-part wigs and u-part wigs. Now it is quite easy for you to select your perfect fit u part wig or v part wig

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