Care For Eyelash Extensions: Tips To Remember

Whether one has short or scanty eyelashes, one of the best ways to make them voluminous is eyelash extension – and no, not mascara! After all, mascara is merely a temporary fix, but the eyelash extensions in Melbourne are supposed to be more durable and continue ensuring your eyes look amazing.

The only secret to making your lash extensions durable for long is to care for them. So, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind about taking care of your eyelash extensions.

The importance of aftercare when you get lash extensions

Eyelash extensions, like all worthy investments, need maintenance. When you are serious about maintenance, it ensures that:

  • Your extensions stay clean
  • Eye infections are prevented
  • Your extensions appear nice for an extensive period
  • Your money is saved as you will not have to care for or replace the lashes too frequently.

Tips to care for your eyelash extensions

Since you already know about the pros of maintaining your eyelash extensions, let’s guide you on how to do that:

#1 Don’t wet your eyelash extensions for at least 48 hours

Don’t shower or apply water to the eyes till 48 hours of getting the extensions. The point is to prevent your extensions from coming in contact with water. Remember that water impacts the glue, making the bond feeble.

#2 Wash eyelash extensions regularly after two days

In case the extensions aren’t washed, residue starts building around the lash line after the first 48 hours. It triggers infections and problems related to the organs responsible for your vision.

It would be prudent to tidy up the extensions at three day’s intervals. Just abide by the given steps to wash the extensions:

  • Use a specifically-made cleanser or purified water to remove impurities from your lash extensions
  • Brush on your extensions with soft bristles
  • Run water over the extensions to tidy them up

#3 Brush the eyelash extensions

Brush the tips of your eyelashes in the morning to give them a nice look. Using a dry and clean mascara brush or spoolie is wise. Use clean fingers to support the extensions and be soft with the spoolie.

#4 Be cautious about product usage

Don’t apply items containing oil over the lash extensions. Analyse every product before applying them on your extensions. Be extra cautious while purchasing creams for your eyes and makeup removers.

#5 Use makeup very carefully

Once you get lash extensions, it’s wise to ditch the mascara. Some mascaras claim to be safe for extensions. But it’s prudent to avoid even those products. Waterproof makeup, like waterproof mascara, tends to soften the glue used on lash extensions.

When it comes to eyeliner, choose something based on water and not waterproof. Also, be extremely soft while wiping off the makeup at night. Don’t scrub the eyes too vigorously because that can ruin the extension.

Moreover, steer clear of powdery eyeshadow because the powder will get stuck in eyelash glue and accumulate over time.

#6 Do not pick the lash extensions

The extensions ought to seem weird initially, but you will adjust to the artificial extensions gradually. Regardless of how weird the extensions seem, don’t pick at them. Also, refrain yourself from removing them on your own. You might break or tear your actual lashes.

#7 Don’t sleep on the stomach or side

You may ruin the lashes by sleeping on the side or on the stomach. The extensions won’t last long if you are not careful about your sleeping posture. The extensions will be more durable in case you sleep on the back.

#8 Do not cluster the extensions

Cluster lashes refer to sticking hairs  to increase the volume. It increases the weight of the artificial lashes and pulls on the original lashes. It damages the original lashes of a person after some time.

#9 Stay away from an eyelash curler

Eyelash curlers might ruin the lash extensions or accidentally pull out the extended lashes.

The bottom line

Beautiful and voluminous lashes can instantly lift your face and make your eyes seem bigger. And now that you know how easy it is to maintain the extensions, you must be more excited to get them.

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