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Benefits Of Doing ABT Accredited Nail Courses

Whether you’re just starting out in beauty or you’re a beginner with a passion to learn everything nails-related, undertaking ABT accredited nail courses is a fantastic option for you to consider. The nail salon industry, in particular, is booming and we have the statistics to back it up. Over the last 5 years, there has been a massive increase of 56% more nail salons in the UK. The demand for nail treatments is definitely there and the industry is looking for up-and-coming nail technicians just like yourself to meet that demand.

Fortunately, there are highly-qualified beauty educators – just like HD Academy – that are able to provide a wide range of ABT accredited courses such as:

Acrylic nail courses

• Gel polish courses

• E-file courses

Now let’s get into the top benefits of doing ABT accredited nail courses:

Help people feel great

If you’re looking to provide a beauty treatment that helps people feel great, providing nail treatments is a great way to achieve that exact goal. When people are looking to improve their self-confidence and the way they feel about themselves, they often start with nails. It’s called beauty therapy for a reason. As a nail technician, once you’ve undertaken ABT accredited courses, you’ll be in a great position to also help customers have much healthier nails underneath the beautiful designs that you are offering.

Gain a life-long qualification

Another benefit of undertaking ABT accredited nail courses is the fact that you’ll gain a lifelong qualification. That’s right, once you complete nail courses, no one can take it away from you and this will also helo to further expand your career opportunities. Whether you’re looking to go self-employed, work for a local beauty company, or even consider a hybrid, a life-long beauty qualification will put you in a great position to increase your opportunities and income.

Learn the latest techniques and applications

The nail industry is an ever-changing one which is why it’s important to keep on top of the latest techniques, applications, and trends. Even if you have been in the beauty industry for a considerable number of years, it may be beneficial to undertake a refresher course with a beauty course provider to learn more about the very latest nail trends that are in demand this year and beyond. Within nail courses, you will learn about everything you need to know including the best consultation practices, health and hygiene, nail applications, and much more.

Meet demand

As stated at the start of the blog post, the nail industry is absolutely booming and there is so much opportunity within this segment of beauty. Therefore, if you’re looking to enter a market and provide a fantastic offering that meets demand, undertaking an ABT accredited nail course is a serious option to consider. Whether you’re looking to learn about the application of gel nail treatments, acrylic treatments, e-file treatments, or even a combination of all, beauty course providers just like HD Academy can best accommodate your preferences.

Learn from the best

Another benefit of undertaking ABT accredited nail courses is the fact that you’ll be learning from the very best beauty course educators that are highly experienced. Beauty educators at HD Academy have done it themselves and are now looking to give back to up-and-coming beauty teachers that have passion, a desire to learn, and to provide the best possible treatment.

Enjoy a flexible schedule

If you are a person that enjoys the flexibility that self-employed life provides, going into the nail industry and undertaking the very latest ABT accredited courses is a fantastic way to do exactly that. Recent studies have shown that over 30% of nail technicians are actually self-employed and enjoy running their own businesses, setting their own hours, and also setting their own prices. If you’re looking for something a little more outside of the traditional 9-5 to take more control over your own life, we highly recommend undertaking ABT nail courses with a professional beauty course provider.

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