Beauty Trends for Women to Watch Out For

After overcoming the hardest part of Covid-19, people have lagged in at least one aspect. It is 2022, and while this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should change everything about yourself, externally or internally, it does present an opportunity for something more meaningful – a new start.

A new start is more of just starting over. It is all about looking forward to a clean slate, which lies before you. But in this case, it means looking forward to a multitude of exciting new makeup, skincare, and hair trends, which have started shaking up the industry. In order to shed some light, the following are women’s beauty trends to watch out for:

Colored Contact Lens

Wearing a contact lens for celebrities has become the norm. In fact, it is a way of being freed from the limitations that come with eyeglasses.

Through blue contacts for brown eyes, whether as a celebrity or not, you may effortlessly show your glamorous eyes on red carpets and galas without being ‘blind.’

80’s Vibes

Although the past few years have been all about the early and 80s aughts, you should expect to see the return of 80s vibes this year. Instagram is already full of insights, which looks more suited for women of a glow than the days of Zoom meetings.

Think Princess Diana and blush draping with esque bright blue eyeliner. Although the 80s has a bad rap for being over-the-top, it is simple to make those trends of the decade feel more modern. Just focus on a specific feature, and everything will be toned down.

Shiny Lids

After all those months spent at home, people headed out in droves while dousing themselves in everything that was shiny, especially eyeshadow.

This is created as an eyeshadow look with just one shimmery shade that has smudged across the lid. Or perhaps you can go creative with a liner and several shades. So whichever way you choose, be sure it is shiny.

Innovative Bodycare

In 2022, the skin below people’s necks is already in the spotlight. With brands coming up and expanding their skincare products into body care, what you use in and out after taking a shower is now innovative and ingredient-focused.

Brands, such as Dr. Dennis Gross, have introduced the sister exfoliant product, which delivers BHA and AHAs to everywhere and anywhere on the body, making a quick impact on keratosis pilaris and stubborn body acne.

At the same time, much-loved ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera, and squalene have found their way into body oils and washes, making limbs glow.

Advanced Blue Light Protection

Just almost everything in life has changed to digital, thanks to Covid-19. However, while the damaging impacts of blue light on the skin are no longer a secret, some companies have discovered better and more innovative ingredients that help deal with those effects.

With ingredients such as licochalcone A, algae, turmeric, and rosa rubiginosa available, formulations have become more effective and cooler.

Final Thoughts!

In the age of Instagram and TikTok, new beauty trends that pop up every day are overwhelming. So whether you are a celebrity or want to look great, some of these trends are out there to make you look good every day.

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