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4 Skincare Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Want to calm your body and mind?

Nothing beats classic lavender essential oil. As beautiful as the purple plant looks, the healing power of this versatile oil is immense. From your head to your toes, lavender oil can help to de-stress the mind and body. Also, helps in developing the healthiest routine.

What is Lavender Oil?

Its scientific name is Lavandula angustifolia. It is derived from the lavender flower. The steam distillation process is used to extract lavender oil. In this process, flowers are steamed. The steam is captured and oil is separated and collected from the water. Lavender oil is easily available in drugstores, health food stores, and online platforms.

Most people underestimate the power of lavender essential oil. Well, let me shed some light to describe its benefits for our hair and skin. It is used in a variety of beauty therapy products. It not only soothes our exhausted nerves but also helps us to get a calming sleep.

Do you know how it helps in repairing the skin?

Whether you have pimples or wrinkles, dark spots or pigmentation and even psoriasis or eczema. No matter what type of skin condition you are suffering from. Lavender oil is the solution for all skin problems. It gives healthy and glowing skin.

It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been using lavender oil. The 4 reasons I am sharing explain my experience.

1. Calms the Redness

When it comes to healing skin conditions, cuts and burns, I always use Lavender oil as it has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antimicrobial and detoxifying benefits that help in reducing redness, soothing and calming the skin. It helps in healing minor cuts, rashes and scrapes.

It has been used since ancient times to clean wounds, skin injuries and burns. It has antiseptic properties that help in faster recovery and protects the skin from any kind of infection. It has great results for psoriasis and rosacea skin conditions.

2. Repair the damaged skin

Lavender oil increases the production of collagen. This essential oil is present in various Natural Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation Creams. Its anti-aging benefits make it a suitable product for healing loose skin, reducing fine lines, and wrinkles and helping in skin tightening.

Due to sunlight, pollution, lack of sleep, stress and disease, there is a constant shower of free radicals on the skin. This causes oxidative damage to the skin. Lavender oil protects and repairs the skin by removing these free radicals.

3. Lightens the scars and hyperpigmentation

When the melanin pigment present in the skin is clustered in patches, it gives rise to pigmentation. This can be due to acne scars, hormones, genes or age, or a combination of all of these. Lavender oil prevents inflammation and accelerates the skin’s regenerative process by helping to rebuild collagen and elastin.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps treat acne scars and age spots. Also, it promotes the brightening and lightening of the skin. It has antioxidant power that repairs damaged skin.


I had dry skin. I tried all kinds of products for 2 years but no difference. Then I tried Detox & Relax natural therapy skin body lotion. It works like magic. My friend recommended this product. It contains lavender, clary sage and lemongrass.

It regulates and balances the skin moisture barrier and prevents the skin from turning too dry. It keeps the skin moisturized, healthy, smooth and soft. Most people get skin reactions from beauty products. But I strongly recommend Natural Beauty Therapy Skincare Products as they are gentle on the skin and do not cause any skin reaction.


Essential oils do not need any approval from the FDA. Also, there is no way to ensure the safety or effectiveness of this essential oil. Make sure you do not use lavender oil as traditional medicine. It has many beneficial properties. But it is likely to cause adverse reactions in people who are might allergic to this essential oil. As such, discontinue use if there is any sign of an allergic reaction.

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