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My Favourite TV Programmes

I thought that for today’s blog post, I would share with you guys some of my favourite TV programmes. I have shared quite often here on my blog some of the movies that I love to watch and that I can re-watch time after time without ever getting bored, but I don’t think that I have ever really mentioned TV programmes. I love nothing more that really getting into a new TV series and I can end up binge-watching an entire season in one sitting. I have always been the same when it comes to TV programmes, if I understand the characters and enjoy the storyline, I simply cannot wait to watch it all. So, I thought that I would dedicate this blog post to all of my favourite TV programmes that I have watched so many times and never got bored!

Gavin And Stacy
This programme was on TV when I was a young girl and I can remember watching it and being in absolute stitches. I think it is Smithy and Nessa that completely steal the show because they are just so bloody hilarious together. But, one of my favourite characters has to be Pam, she kind reminds me of my mother-in-law which I just think is brilliant You know that if you pop Gavin and Stacy on that you are going to be in hysterics at some point!

The US Office
I can remember one day accidently clicking on the US Office back when it was on Netflix and before you know it I was 2 seasons in and completely in love with it. I have now probably watched the entire boxset of the office going on 20 times and that is because it is simply bloody amazing. The characters are bloody brilliant, it is so funny and there is one of them classic will they, wont they story lines for the first couple of series that has you completely hooked. I feel like I will love Jim forever!

Parks and Recreation
I watched Parks and Recreation on a bit of a whim after feeling like they’re was a classic American sit-com whole in my life once I had finished watching The Office. I decided to go for this for the simple reason that I adore Chris Pratt, so surely, I would love watching him in that. Little did I know that I would become hooked and watched the entire boxset within the space of a single week. If you have watched it, I am sure that you will love Ron Burgundy as much as I do, but I do see quite a lot of myself in April because I am quite a moody dark soul inside!

Sex and The City
I have been a fan of Sex and the City since I was in my teens and I discovered it for the first time. Even though these days, I find myself a little disconnected from the storylines, because to be honest I think that Carrie is a complete bitch and the fact that Big was an asshole in the first couple of seasons, I love watching it for the fashion. Even watching it in this day and age, there is so much style inspiration and that is why I will always love this programme. Plus, I bloody love Samantha, she is a queen.

The Big Bang Theory
Even though I feel like there ore other programmes that I would rather watch instead of The Big Bang Theory, this is one of them programmes that I love to have on in the background. I feel like there is something so enduring and sweet about all of the different characters and even though I do think that it has been going on for a bit too long now, I know that any of the episodes will put a smile on my face. Plus, with my OCD and my eidetic memory, I can relate to Sheldon Cooper in more ways than I care to mention!

How I Met Your Mother
I first started watching this programme because it just came on my TV one day after the programme that was on before finished. This was on E4 all of the time and I would watch 2 episodes every single day when I got in from college and within a year I was completely up to date with it. I can remember when the last episode was on TV I cried like a baby. Not to mention that in one of the earlier series when Lily and Marshall broke up for a while I actually felt like I was going through a breakup too because I was that into it!

How could I do this post and not mention the perfection that is Friends. This programme actually started the year that I was born and some of my earliest memories are snuggling up with my mum on the sofa and watching this when a new episode was on TV. I can even remember watching the last episode like it was yesterday and I was so sad afterwards. Even to this day, I still watch this programme and I actually love it even more than I ever have. There is something in Friends that we can all relate too, and it is still so relevant these days!

Will and Grace
I have loved Will and Grace since I was in school. Me and my gay best friend would finish school around 3pm and then lay in bed all evening and watch nothing but Will and Grace. We identified with the characters so much, because he was as gay as the day is long and I was his beard whilst we were in school. We grew up to be exactly like Jack and Karen and even these days, 10 years after when we first watched it, we will always watch an episode or two whenever we can get together!

My Name Is Earl
I feel like this programme is massively underrated and I cannot believe that more people don’t binge-watch this programme. I can remember walking around HMV one day and I saw this boxset on special offer, so I decided that there was no harm in picking it up and giving it a watch. I never would have imagined that I would love this programme half as much as I did, and I have never laughed as much as I do at this. At one stage, I even had chickens named after all of the different characters.

Friday Night Dinner
How could I do this post and not mention Friday Night Dinner. I feel like everybody in the whole UK loves Friday Night Dinner and we get so excited when a new series comes on the TV. I can remember when this first came on TV, nobody watched it and I would try and encourage people to watch it, but they just weren’t bothered. Describing it only made it sound boring, but when people actually started watching it, they realised that it is just bloody brilliant, and I am in stitches every single time I watch this. Even when I re-watch old episodes, I laugh just as hard!

Car Share
Even though are loads more programmes that I could mention, I thought that I would finish things off with Car Share. I can remember when this first came out, I didn’t know if I was going to watch it or not because it just seemed a little too cheesy, but you know what, that is somethings what you need. It is just easy watching, super funny and I am always a fan of programmes when they are just funny and not too much of a serious storyline. I would recommend that everybody take a look for themselves!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this blog post because I really loved getting to put it together for you guys. I really need to find a new series to get stuck into, but I am just not into the kind of programmes that are coming out at the moment like Riverdale and the other tripe like that. If you do have any suggestions, make sure to leave them in the comments down below and I will have to check them out for myself!


  1. Ah I so want to watch the office!

    Candice x

  2. Friends and Modern family are my two favourite sitcoms of all time. I also love watching The big bang theory. I need to try and get into watching The Office.

  3. Oooh I've not watched majority of the stuff on this list, but they all sound so good! I'll definitely try and give them a watch soon

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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