Tuesday, 11 June 2019

My Smythson Wedding Planner

After I got engaged, I decided to be super boujee and buy myself a Smythson wedding planner. I had seen these online and I just fell in love with everything about them. When it actually came to order this on the Net-A-Porter website, I did have to push myself to actually click the ‘Buy’ button, because it is very expensive for what is essentially a notepad, but I am so glad that I actually went ahead and ordered this stunning item. I have actually found myself using this more than I ever thought I would, and it has turned out to be one of my favourite wedding related purchases!

 I actually completely blame the power of social media for this purchase because when I started looking into bridal and engagement accounts, Smythson stationery was everywhere and I couldn’t deny that it was beautiful. I am not normally sucked in by social media and when I see other people with pretty things because I like to think that I am one step ahead of all of the marketing ploys, with me working in marketing, but they really did win me over. Plus, just as I went to buy this, I saw somebody put online that they had released a smaller and cheaper one and I was all over that!

I have always said here on my blog that I am an avid note taker. Because of my OCD, I constantly have things running through my mind at a million mind a minute, so whenever I can and as I have an idea, I make sure that I very quickly write it down. When it comes to planning my wedding there has been so much to think about and what is where this stunning Smythson comes into play because I keep this in my handbag with me at all times and I know that I can pull this out and make some notes!

The other thing that I really do need to say about this Smythson wedding planner is that it really is the most stunning item that I have ever seen. The white leather surrounding the notepad is just so chic and it looks amazing and I adore how it looks. I have had to wipe this down a couple times, but it comes out looking as good as new. Not to mention that the blue pages are to die for and they look amazing whenever I am making notes. I actually pulled this out the other week on the train and a lady walking down the centre aisle stopped me just to comment on my notepad.

I think that reason why I wanted to do a short post on this item is just because I have loved it so much over the past couple of months and I really do think that it is worth the money. Granted, I imagine that there are cheaper alternatives on the high-street or online that you can pick up for a fraction of the price, but I just wanted a touch of luxury. Most of my wedding day is going to be very relaxed and not to mention low cost, so it was nice to splurge a little on some wedding stationary!

Let me know if you made any ridiculous splurges in the run up to your wedding!

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  1. It's gorgeous & worth the splurge because you will keep it to look back through! I splurged on a wedding planner too! Your ring is stunning - what stone is it? xx



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