Sunday, 2 June 2019

I Rewatched Sex and the City... Here’s My Thoughts

I feel like if you are about my age and you love fashion the way that I do, then you have probably seen every single episode of Sex and the City. I actually grew up watching it because my mum loved it just as much as I do, and she would have it on all of the time. I feel like the programme brought us some absolutely amazing things like a look of New York which always seemed so glamorous when watching it in our cottage in Yorkshire, a love of all things Manolo Blahnik and friendships that dreams are made off. A couple of months back, I decided that I would buy the entire collection on iTunes and slowly start re-watching all of them and I have to admit… I didn’t enjoy it!

Obviously, the big thing throughout the whole TV series is her relationship with Big. I can remember I was always team Big over Aidan and I was so happy in the movie when they finally got hitched. I don’t think that there was anything more classic than his town car being parked outside and him rolling down the window in the sexy way that he did. But I think in the midst of all of the ‘will they won’t they’, we were blindsided to the fact that he is a massive bell-end and Carrie isn’t much better either.

I know, I may be reading a little too deeply into it because at the end of the day it is just a TV programme. But we live in a world where people are subjective to the things that they see and I think that if anybody saw the relationships that Carrie gets into on the show, they would be blindsided into thinking that it is healthy to be played with, cheated on, manipulated and generally treated like shit. This programme was made decades ago and that is something that we cannot forget, it was a different time back then, but watching it now, Carrie was a play thing to Big and he would pick her up and drop her again without a second thought. Then the way she treated lovely Aidan, was exactly what Big was like with her!

I just wanted to do this blog post today to see if any of you guys have re-watched Sex and the City and thought differently about it. The fashion and friendships are still amazing, and I really can still see a little of myself in each of the characters which is one of the main reasons why I have always loved the show. But, watching Carrie and Big’s relationship play out actually makes me uncomfortable.

Let me know in the comments down below, am I reading too much into it? Should I just take it for what it is, a story about a girl chasing a boy? Or is this a programme about a weak woman that keeps falling for an arsehole and not knowing her worth?


  1. I always hated Big, he was selfish and arrogant all the time, Aidan was sweet and caring but she couldn't see that, she always needed to get away from him and her own space. I wish she realized what a gem Aidan really was!!


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  3. I have been meaning to re-watch it, but I agree. Carrie looks so stupid marrying Big now! Aiden really was a gem. Great post!

    Khanak x

  4. Sooner of later even male movie reviewers who would normally avoid films like "Sex and the City" feel some sense of obligation to see what everyone is talking about.
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  5. I have just finished watching Sex and the City and I absolutely loved it! I must admit, Carrie's behaviour in relationships did irritate me and I agree with you on the Big topic, but overall I felt so excited watching each episode. The fashion, friendship and NY lifestyle was just such a nice escape for me!

    xxx Lauren |


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