Monday, 13 May 2019

How I Manage My Blog

Back when I first started my blog, I don’t think that I could have ever anticipated just how much work goes into managing something like this. I can remember toying with the idea of starting a blog and wanting to do it but being nervous about getting feedback about the way that I write. Not once did it cross my mind that half as much goes into it, as what it actually does. I thought it was just as simple as writing a post, taking a snap and uploading it. It wasn’t until I really got stuck into it and I read a couple of posts online for new bloggers that I realised that I had started something much more complicated and intricate than I ever thought it would be.

I have had the odd wobble over the years where I have questioned why I still have my blog and why I allow it to consume so much of my life, but the long of short of it really is that I love doing it and I think that I would really miss it if I decided just to stop my blog tomorrow. Over the years I have learnt certain things which help me to stay on the right track and stay nice and organised and it is the way in which I manage my blog, that has allowed me to carry on for so long. So, I figured that for today’s blog post, I would share with you guys some of the ways that I manage my blog!

Use Google Drive
Since I first started my blog, the sole thing that keeps me nice and organised has to be my Google Drive. This is essentially a cloud-based system that can store absolutely anything. This means that I can work from anywhere in the world and still have access to all of my files whether it be a Word document, Excel or even my 10,000 images that I have. I went with this after dropping my old laptop down the stairs and losing everything, so I knew that it was time to wise up and use Google Drive!

Have a Spreadsheet for Overall Management
Then within my Google Drive, I have a Google Sheet that contains all of my overall management for my blog. In this I have graphs to show the activity on my blog, scheduled posts, if a post has been written, if I need to buy anything for a certain post and what the next step is before I can set that live. It took a while to find a format that really worked for me, but I feel like I hit the nail on the head with this spreadsheet because everything is all in one place!

A Separate Spreadsheet for Photography
Once I have written a blog post, I then add it to my photography spreadsheet. From this spreadsheet, I can see what needs doing as soon as possible, what items I will need, an example of the kind of photograph that I want to take and the blog post that it relates to. I just find that managing things like this in a spreadsheet is much easier because everything is easily visible at a glance without having to delve into things too much. When I have all of the items that I need for a certain photo, I will highlight it and then take the photo when I am ready!

Google Keep for Daily Planner
I used to try and just live in the moment and just do things as and when I had time, or they cropped up, but I quickly realised that is no way to stay organised when you have a blog. I now like to map out one day at a time over on Google Keep, which is just a note taking app. I map out the things that I want to achieve that day, along with a rough time frame of how long it should take me. I find that that this just keeps me plodding along at a good rate without forgetting anything.

Build A Photo Stock
Having a photo stock library has helped me so much over the year and I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have fallen back on it over the years. I have a folder in my Google Drive, packed with images that I can use for my blog or on Instagram. They are staged photos with beauty items, fashion items and just the odd lifestyle picture. I have more images in this folder that I could ever use, but at least I know that I will never be stuck for a picture because I have so many of my own just waiting the wings!

Photography Weekends
This one kind of goes hand in hand with having a photo stock library, but I spend most of my weekends taking photos whenever I can. Even though my workload would be much easier if I did do the odd picture here and there rather than cramming it all into one weekend, but I know that if I take all of my images at a weekend that my work is done, and I can relax through the week. Plus, when it is the summer I get around 8 hours a day of good photography lighting, so why not do as much as possible!

Forward Plan and Queue
Without forward planning and queuing my posts, I would not have a blog. I used to try and upload my blog posts live, but it was just too much work and completely unmanageable. I did used to feel quite disconnected from my blog when I wasn’t posting the posts on the days that I wanted them to go live because I didn’t know what was going up when, but it is the only way that I can blog and hold down a full-time job. I think that there is absolutely no use in putting yourself out if there is an easier solution!

Always Carry A Notepad
I have ideas pop into my head at the strangest of times, whether it be sat in a restaurant, laid in bed at night or even just out and about in the car. I find it so much quicker just grabbing a pencil and a notepad than it is to open my phone and jot down a not. Wherever I am, or whatever I am doing I like to make sure that I always have a notepad close by for them times when something randomly pops into my head because I know that if I don’t write it down, it will be out of my mind within an instant!

There you have it, everything that I do and need in order to stay organised and keep my blog on the right kind of track. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know some of the things you do in order keep everything on the straight and narrow!


  1. I don't make use of a planner, I just find it to be lots extra things I cant manage haha, however I do plan ahead.

    Candice x

  2. I love the idea of a spreadsheet to keep track of things, that is such a great idea!

    Anika |

  3. haha this post makes me feel so unorganised. I'm so glad this works for you, and I definitely need to pick these habits up in order to keep on top of things better, as it's so true that there's always something to do xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. LOVE the idea of having a photography spreadsheet! I'm a huge advocate for using spreadsheets for just about everything but somehow have never considered one for my photos before. What a brilliant idea!

    xoxo - Kelly

  5. I'm obsessed with organisation so I loved this post! I also make use of Google Drive, it helps so much and takes away the fear of losing everything!
    xxx Lauren |

  6. I love seeing how people manage their blogs because everyone has different ways! I love how you do photography weekends to get a load of images, I might start doing that too!
    Chloe X

  7. I love these ideas! I always find this part of blogging super interesting. A spreadsheet has been such a useful tool I've benefited from so much within the past year. It's a great way to keep organised. I also love putting pen to paper and organising that way. I need to think about keeping a stock photo album so I always have some content to lean back on. Fab post as always x

    Lauren |

  8. Notebooks are my best friend. I always have one with me and love making lists!

    Katie | XX


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