Monday, 27 May 2019

How I Get Over Writers Block

When you write a lot, it is very easy to be hit square on in the face with a dose of writer’s block. There have been many times that I have pencilled in writing content the entire day and when I sit down at my desk in my office, absolutely nothing flows. It doesn’t happen to me very often luckily, but when it does I end up stuck for days on end and I have no idea. This is one of the reasons why I actually try to forward plan many of my posts because I don’t know when I am going to struggle. So, I thought that I would do a post all about some of the ways that I get over writer’s block and share them with you in case you ever suffer the same fate that I do!

Take Some Time Looking Online
Some of my biggest inspiration comes from looking online and seeing what other people are doing. There is a massive difference between looking online at what other people are doing to take inspiration and copying them, make sure that you stay on the right side of that debate, but I love to have a nose around online. There is so much inspiring content online and just seeing what other people are achieving with their blogs helps me out so much and that is why I love to just dedicate a little time to appreciating other people.

Read A Book
Sometimes, I need to just switch off from trying to write and I love nothing more than sitting down to read a book. I love the fact that you get completely lost in a book and sometimes when I look back, I cannot remember if it was a book that I read or a movie that I watched because I remember them so vividly and get sucked straight into them. Plus, checking different writing styles can really help me and inspire me to do a little writing!

Distance Myself from My Blog
Sometimes the best thing that I can do is just completely distance myself from my blog and have a little break. I don’t know what it is, but after I have gone away, done other things and then come back to it, I feel like my mind is much fresher and I am ready to start working again. It isn’t very often that I have to do this, but it really does help. This is also why forward planning your posts is good, in case you do need the odd weekend away from trying to write your blog posts!

Don’t Force It!
The last thing that I want to say is not to try and force a blog post. At the end of the day, life isn’t going to end just because you don’t manage to set a blog post live. When you force your writing, the quality of it will just deteriorate completely. I always do my best work when I am relaxed and I’m not pushing myself into it too much. Just sit back and relax and it will flow

There you have it, some of the ways that I get over writer’s block. I find that these are some of the things that just work for me and it ends up getting me out of my funk. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know some of the things that you do to help the writing flow a little easier!


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  1. I find that I get inspiration for blog posts at the most random times! I think the key is to not put too much pressure on yourself.
    Chloe X


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