Thursday, 30 May 2019

Have I Lost My Love For Makeup?

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you may have noticed that over the past six months, there has been quite a shift in the kind of content that I am uploading to my blog. I didn’t know whether I should do a post to address this or not, but I have been getting some questions on the odd post about the difference in my blog, so I thought that now is a good a time as any to finally sit down and write a post all about the shift in my blog and why things have changed so much.

My blog used to primarily be all about beauty. I first started my blog all of them years back to share my thoughts on products with you guys and for a very long time, I loved writing them posts. I would spend hundreds of pounds on makeup each month and I loved nothing more than trialling items and then sitting down to write my review for you guys. I didn’t spend that much money just so that I had something to review, I genuinely wanted to try that makeup out for myself and the fact that I could write a review off the back of it was just a bonus.

I guess as I got older, the love that I used to have for makeup seemed to simmer down. I was no longer at a place in my life where I wanted to be spending so much on makeup and I actually felt like I have a good collection of products and the desire to find something bigger and better had completely gone for me. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy wearing makeup and I find it very therapeutic sitting down at my vanity and applying my makeup, but it no longer excites me the way that it was did. That was why I decided that it was time to make a change to my blog.

I felt like some of last year, I was forcing myself to write beauty related posts and to be honest, my heart just wasn’t in it. So, in the New Year, I decided that it was the perfect time to make a change. I created a new schedule for my blog that would incorporate different kind of posts that weren’t centred solely around beauty. I am not going to lie, the viewer numbers have dropped because I guess some people just wanted to see review after review, but at the same time I am much happier with my blog now, than I have been in the past couple of years.

I am very much the kind of person that will do what I want to do, without regard for what other people will think about it. I am loving writing about a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle here on my blog and I do feel like some people are enjoying the new content here on my blog. I just think it is one of them things that as you get older, your priorities and tastes change, and I most certainly do not see that as being a negative thing.

Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know if you have gone through a similar thing as me and you are growing out of makeup!


  1. I think most people tire of writing solely about beauty and want to introduce a variety of content. It's your blog so you can write what you want! xx


  2. I think it's totally normal to want to broaden your content categories and try something new. I started off as a fashion blogger and now I talk about books more than anything else!

    Anika |

  3. I can completely relate to this! I used to be makeup obsessed a few years ago but now I prefer skincare over makeup. It's good to have a change in your interests and that you're content moves with you. It is your blog after all x

    Lauren |

  4. I'm so pleased to your new contents! Sometimes I feel bored for writing about products too. I will wait your new posts excitedly! xx

    Fulya |

  5. I really love the variety of posts on your blog, your photos are always so gorgeous and it is a pleasure to read :D I would love to get more in to skincare on my blog and have been doing more advicey sorts of posts, I've definitely changed what I write about this year :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  6. I feel like my love for makeup is on the permanent side but I do have phases where I don't feel like buying makeup (which is a positive on my bank account) and I have times where I don't feel like wearing makeup but in the last 8 months my love and enjoyment for wearing makeup on the frequent has definitely spiked as I did hit a "I don't feel like wearing makeup much" phase which lasted for about a year. I have been into reading so much that lately I've been wanting to buy books more than makeup which is helping me not overgrow my makeup collection. x

  7. I can definitely relate to this. The past year has been all about skincare for me and whilst I still wear makeup everyday and love it, my passion for makeup products is nowhere as strong as for skincare products.
    Lovely post and photography! Thanks for sharing! x
    Maria @

  8. Hey girly! I am catching up on blogs and missed yours so much! I can totally relate to this post. When I started my blog, I would write about makeup allllll the time and try to review new products. Now, I've found a simpler routine that works for me and don't find myself buying as much makeup as I used to. Good for you for switching gears and trying something new! xx

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s


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