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My Every Day Weekday Face

I am sure that it is as plain as day to everybody that reads my blog that I love makeup. I love getting new things and trying it out and I just love how it can completely transform how you look. It has been a fascination that I have had since I was a very little girl and I don’t think it is one that I am going to tire of anytime soon.
But, most mornings I just cannot be bothered to put it on. I am always up at the crack of dawn in a morning and I am out running, no matter what the weather with Martha, so by the time I am back at home and showered the last thing I want to do is sit at my vanity and go full glam. Don’t get me wrong though, I will without a doubt put some makeup on!
So, I thought for this post I would talk you through the makeup that I wear on a near enough day to day basis. It is just really quick and straight forward and from start to finish it only takes me around 20 minutes to do, which is why I love this look so much. It isn’t anything special, it is just really straightforward and just helps to enhance the features on the face without it looking too much for sitting at my desk all day…

For my awkward ass combination skin, I need to put moisturiser on my skin. I am oily around my nose and then for the rest of my face I can be quite dry to the point where my skin can peel and I look like a flaky mess. Every morning before I go in with my makeup I will reach for this and just use one pump all over my face. It just helps to make sure that my foundation stays on nice and smooth and doesn’t stick to any certain areas.
I cannot go a day without this primer so it is probably not a surprise to anybody that it is mentioned in this post. I reach for this pretty much all of the time. I use this just around my nose where I get pretty oily. I rub it in until it starts to feel tacky on the skin and then I give it a minute to just settle into my pores. I do notice a massive difference when I use this primer it is just so mattifying and helps my makeup to stay in place all day long.
This has been my go to for a good 12 months or so at this point. I use this because it covers everything that I want to cover with minimal product. One bottle of this lasts me a really long time because of how full coverage and pigmented it is. In the future I do want to try and find a really good drugstore foundation for everyday use when I am just going to work, but for the time being this Estee Lauder Foundation is my absolute go to!
I know that for ages I have been using the Tarte Shape Tape and that is still my long running number 1 when it comes to concealer, but I tend to reach for this on a more every day regular basis. The reason why is just how lightweight it is on the skin. I prefer the shape tape because of how creamy and blendable it is, not to mention the amount of coverage that you get from it. But this is so lightweight and it literally feels like nothing on the skin which is exactly what I want for everyday use.
Then to lock all of my liquids into place I will go in with my RCMA No Colour Powder. I love this stuff. I still like the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder but for an everyday basis I may as well use the low-cost option that works just as well. This stuff keeps me matte all day long, plus a massive bonus for me with my awkward ass combination ski, it doesn’t dry me out. As far as a setting powder can go, this is quite hydrating on the skin. I love this stuff and I can see me using it for a very long time.
I love myself some bronzer. I bronze up on an everyday basis just because I love how healthy it makes the face look. I chose this over blusher without a shadow of a doubt. For a quick everyday look, I will just go in with my Give Me Sun on my Tom Ford Bronzer Brush and just do a light dusting on my forehead and down my cheekbones. Nothing too precise, I don’t want a contoured look, I just want it to look natural and glowing. I either go for this bronzer or the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion because they both offer a really nice natural look.
For my brows, I always reach for the quickest thing that I have in my drawer and that by a long shot is the Anastasia Brow Pomade. I love this stuff because it is super pigmented and when I use my Anastasia Brow Brush I can get my brows done, finished and in place in a matter of minutes. To lock everything into place when I am finished I will just run over them with a touch of brow gel or Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows just to make sure that they are set in place for the full day ahead.
On my eyelids, I will just go really basic and neutral. I normally just use the mattes from my MAC palette. I will go in with Omega all over my eyelid, then in the crease I will take Cork. To finish off my eyes I will normally take some of Brun or Mystery on an angled brush and just push it into my upper lash line to define it, but so it isn’t harsh like a liquid eyeliner would be. I don’t think that on an everyday basis, matte shades are always the best choice.
Everybody should know by now that I love this mascara. This and the YSL Shocking are my two go to products. But for an everyday basis I always reach for this one. I try to make myself feel better by using a drugstore makeup product in my everyday look. This is just such a good mascara for the price. It is only a couple of pounds and does everything that a high-end mascara can do. It really elongates the lashes, fans them out and makes them look longer and thicker, that is everything that I want in a mascara.
10)   Nivea Lip Balm
I have been using this stuff for years now and I am still obsessed with it. There are so many different balms and butters now for the lips but I really don’t think that you can go wrong with classic Nivea. This works so well for my very dry and chapped lips, it makes them look nice and plumped and not to mention healthy. I have these things scattered all over the place, at work, in my vanity, handbag and even in my car, I cannot live without them!
There you have it. My incredibly basic, yet everyday look. Without fail these are the products that I always reach for. I just know that no matter when I use these products, that it is going to look really finished and pretty. They are just really good quality and reliable products.
As normal here on my blog I will leave links down below to where you can find all of the products that I’ve mentioned in case you want to check them out. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and le t me know what your favourite everyday makeup products are!



  1. I think most people go basic with their makeup on a daily basis! We just don't have time to do lots of blending etc! xx

    Beautylymin| L'OccitaneAdventCalendarGiveaway

    1. Exactly, I used to try to do it, but I would rather have longer in bed!

      Danielle xx

  2. Lash Sensational is an everyday favourite of mine too :) I need to use MAC Give Me Sun more!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. MAC Give Me Sun has been a staple of mine for such a long time, I can't seem to put it down at the minute!

      Danielle xx


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