Friday, 13 October 2017

My Favourite Drugstore Makeup

I have been taking a look through my content and it made me realise the lack of drugstore makeup here on my blog. I guess over the years I have just been more compelled to trying high end makeup. So, I thought I would have a riffle through my drawers and try to rediscover some of my favourite drugstore products, and you never know it might convince me to try some new things out.
I feel that recently drugstore seems to have stepped up their game a little bit. They seem to be using bloggers hell of a lot more to promote their products which is probably why I have been compelled to have a dig in my drawers. I just feel that even though drugstore has improved since I was younger, there is still a big gap between the quality of drugstore and high-end and that is why I tend to reach for my pricier products on a daily basis.
Anyway, here are my top drugstore picks…

I have had this stuff for years now which I think just proves how much I love it. For an everyday foundation, this is perfect. It is nice and lightweight on the skin. It has a medium coverage, but I can get a little more out of it when I pack the product on using a sponge or a flat top kabuki brush. When it is, on and set, it looks stunning and stays in place all day, even against heat and humidity it holds up really well. The only thing about this foundation is that there isn’t a huge shade range, but it is still a great foundation for everyday!

I know for a fact that this will be no surprise for most people. I have been using this mascara for years now and I am in love with it. I bought this firstly because of the blogging world. I thought because of the colour of this packaging it would be a perfect prop in my flat lays, I was right on that thing, but I have fallen in love with the product. I use this near enough daily, I am torn between this and the YSL Shocking Mascara, but for the price this is the best mascara I have tried. It performs like you would expect a high-end mascara to, it separates the lashes, makes them really long and thick, it is just a great all round drugstore mascara.

My signature kind of look has always been a classic cat eye. I have tried so many liquid eyeliners that are on the market, but this is the only that I reach for day in and day out. I am sure what I bought this liner it was about £3.99 and I can honestly say, hands up that I have never tried a liquid liner quite as good as this one. The product is absolutely jet black, it dries nice and quickly and it is really easy to apply because of the shape of the tip. And, this liner doesn’t claim to be waterproof but I have got drenched in the rain and a good sob wearing this stuff and it says put all day long!

I don’t know if you can really class this powder as being drugstore, because you can’t go and pick it up in your local boots store, but it most certainly isn’t high end. This powder is out of this world. It is around £10 for a huge tub of this stuff, you get 3 times the amount of product that you get in a normal face powder, this is just such good stuff. I am being using this constantly now for about 2 years straight and I have no desire to try anything else. You can get this online, just search in Google and it will pop right up, if you love makeup half as much as I do then I think you really need to try this powder!

I have been using this concealer for years now and it is just a great concealer to have in my drawer. I would say that this concealer has a light to medium coverage and even though I love more full coverage products, I do really love this concealer. I love this to highlight and brighten the face rather than concealing it. I use this under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, the centre of the chin and on the centre of the forehead. Because I don’t need to hide anything in these ideas this is great for just brightening them and making me look more refreshed lighter.
I know there isn’t very many of them, but like I said, I am a little bit of a novice when it comes to drugstore makeup. But, because I have been loving these recently I may have to branch out and try some more things from the drugstore, especially foundations. I know this is quite Maybelline heavy and before anybody says anything, no this isn’t a sponsored post, it is just a drugstore brand that I really like.
I will link down below to where you can check these products out. If you click the link above in the name of the item, it will take you to my full review. Also, make sure you leave me a comment of the drugstore products you love and I will be sure to check them out!



  1. Replies
    1. I think they are all absolutely amazing for the price!

      Danielle xx

  2. I really need to try the RCMA powder! Lash Sensational is my favourite mascara, drugstore or otherwise :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. It is such an incredible setting powder, I think it holds up really well compared to the Laura Mercier powder too!

      Danielle xx

  3. I love, love, LOVE drugstore makeup. It's really all I'll buy. The Maybelline mascara is my fav too! I have one from Almay that I'm using right now, but it's just not as good. And of courseeeeee I'm using the Fit Me concealer. It's the BEST! Thanks for sharing your picks! :)

    Andrea |

    1. I really have to go and try out some more drugstore makeup, I feel like there are so many good products out there at the moment!

      Danielle xx


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