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10 High End Beauty Products Worth The Splurge

High end makeup is my weakness. I just can’t really seem to stop buying. I was sat at my vanity last week and I opened the draws and I was a little ashamed at the same time of being a little proud about how much makeup I actually own. Proud, because there is so much, ashamed because of how much money I have spent over the years!
But, it didn’t stop me buying more. I think everybody has their guilty pleasure, it just happens to be that mine is very expensive makeup. Not to mention, expensive shoes and handbags as well but we will leave that out of this post. This post is just dedicated to my love of high end makeup products. I sat at my vanity for ages when I first started to think about this post. I wanted to whittle it down and tell you the 10 products that I think without a shadow of a doubt, are worth the money that I spend on it. So, without further rambling on, I will jump into the post!

I have tried many moisturisers over the past few months in an attempt to implement a new skincare routine, but there hasn’t been one that I have liked more than this Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. This stuff is £100 a pop, I am pretty sure that is the most expensive makeup item that I have ever bought. This glides on the skin so nice and smoothly and it just makes my skin feel really plumped and incredibly healthy. It lasts forever on the skin and makes it feel so silky soft. I really do love this moisturiser and even though it is as expensive as hell, it has lasted me an incredibly long time and the value for money is second to none!

I am sure that you are sick to death of seeing this foundation splashed all over my blog by now. I bought this thinking that it wouldn’t work for my skin. Me being oily and the word luminous normally don’t work very well together. But I am in love with this foundation. I think I can quite confidently say with my hand on my heart that this is my favourite foundation by a country mile. The way it goes no is just seamless, it is really nice and blendable and it lasts forever when it is locked in by powder. The shade range that they offer is stunning. I know there is the new Fabric foundation by Giorgio Armani, but this is still my favourite!

My expectations for this concealer were high and when I mean high, I mean really high. I saw this splashed all over the internet and I knew it was one that had my name all over it. I have loved the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for years now and now that has been upgraded by this one. For somebody like me that has oily skin this is an absolute god send. It is matte which means that it helps with my oils, plus it just makes the skin look so smooth and flawless. It seems to just blur the whole area especially when I blend it out with my damp Beauty Blender. If you have been thinking about trying this, I would just recommend going for it and giving it a go.

4)       YSL Shocking Mascara
I first bought this on a bit of a whim not really expecting it to be that good. I have always been ride or die for drugstore mascaras and I could image how a high-end mascara could really better them. This YSL one did without a doubt. The way this applies is just so stunning, it makes the lashes look so long and thick, plus it holds a curl really nicely. This does apply really wet in texture, but it sets in a number of seconds and it is then in place until your physically remove it. I never thought that a mascara could blow me away the way that this YSL one has, I now never travel without one!

An oily gal needs powder and this is my pricey powder of choice. I have been using this for about 3 years now and I love this stuff. I do tend to use the RCMA on a daily basis just because of the price. But this is my favourite overall. This stuff looks incredible and just really helps to blur out the pores and make your face look flawless. It isn’t too trying on the skin, even on the areas where my skin is a little more dehydrated this powder still makes the skin look really pretty. I always make sure that I have a backup of one of these Laura Mercier powders on my shelf because I cannot be without it!

6)       Tom Ford Lipstick
When I first saw this Tom Ford lipstick I knew that I needed it. It is so pretty and perfect for my skin tone. But when I saw the £42 price tag, I just couldn’t bring myself to try it out. I think I waited for a couple of months before I committed to it, but I finally had to buy it. As expensive and probably over the top as the price is to some people, I think it has been worth every single penny. I couldn’t see how this lipstick could possibly meet a normal MAC lipstick at £15.50, but it does, it really blows it out of the water. If I have a big occasion now I will look at what Tom Ford lipstick I can pair with it. They are my little cheeky indulges every now and again.

I was incredibly sceptical about buying this contouring and highlighting duo before I actually bit the bullet and bought it. I just didn’t think that it could possibly live up to the height that it was getting online. Then I tried out other Charlotte Tilbury products and they were amazing so I knew that I had to give this a go. The contouring shade is just perfect and gives a subtle, yet noticeable shadow to the face. Not to mention that the highlighting shade is stunning. I have never really been into highlighters before because I hate the over highlighted look that is so popular, but this is just a really stunning subtle glow to the skin that looks nice and natural… well as nice as a highlighter can look.

8)       Chanel No5
This perfume needs no introduction no my blog. I have been using this now for years now. I think I got my first bottle of it when I was about 15 and I have had a bottle of this sat on my shelf from that day on. There is just something so luxurious about the smell of this perfume that draws me to it. Not to mention how iconic it is. I just love reaching for this day in and day out. I now have hell of a lot of perfumes on my shelf, but this will always be my favourite above everything else. Now everything when I spray this perfume I think of happy memories that I have worn it to before and I just cannot get enough!

I have never really loved primers before. I just could see what they were going. I have used the Benefit Porefessional for years now around where I get oily and even though I can’t go a day without using it, I can’t say that it actually does anything. But, this primer by Charlotte Tilbury is incredible. This not only prepares the skin and gives your foundation it really nice base, it helps to blur the skin and any texture may have on it. Plus, it is a little glowy so it makes your skin look really nice and healthy. My bottle of this is running seriously low and I know I am going to buy a new one straight away!

I am pretty sure that this was the first product that I tried by Hourglass and it has been a very long and expensive love affair ever since. I saw Rosie Huntington Whitely using this in her Snapchat so naturally I did the beauty addict thing and went straight onto the Space NK website and ordered it. What I love about this pencil is that it is so quick and easy to use. When I am in a hurry, this is what I reach for. Because of the thicker nib, it just gets the job done in no time at all. I have the deep brown shade but I am thinking about getting the one deeper so that I can create a really pretty gradient because I love how this looks!
They are the products that I know without a doubt I am going to consistently repurchase. Most of them I am on my second or even third one by now which just shows how much I love these products. As normal with all of my blog posts I will leave you a link below to everything that I have mentioned in case you want to check them out. Leave me a comment down below and let me know what your favourite high end products are!



  1. I love Charlotte Tilbury products! I also love using YSL lipsticks x

    Adventures in May | Miss Nev

    1. I have never used any YSL lipsticks before, I’m going to have to invest in some straight away!

      Danielle xx

  2. Some of my absolute faves here! I need to buy a Tom Ford lipstick! xx

    Beautylymin| HourglassAmbientLightingEditGiveaway

    1. They are incredibly pricey, but I honestly think they are worth every single penny!

      Danielle xx

  3. The Tom Fort lipsticks are gorgeous, if I were to buy a high end lipstick, it would definitely be one of these! :)


    1. They are truly stunning lipsticks, I find myself reaching for mine all the time!

      Danielle xx


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