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Ride Or Die Makeup Favourites

I post hell of a lot here on my blog, and the vast majority of my posts are all about makeup. Makeup is something that I have always been really passionate about and that love only seems to be increasing as the years go on. I am so lucky that I have so much makeup and I have this platform with you to share my reviews, but I never really tell you about products that I love. I have my monthly favourites posts, but they are more about the things that I am loving there and then, rather than my ultimate favourites, so that is what I thought I would do for you in this post.
When I first had this idea for a post, I sat at my vanity with my notepad and started going through all of the drawers. I was sat there near on two hours sieving through all of my makeup and trying to narrow it down to my favourite favourites. You have no idea how hard I found this, especially when it came to the base products. The products in this post are the ones that I just couldn’t live without. If I could only have one foundation, concealer, powder, mascara etc. then these are the items that I would pick over everything else. Anyway, I already know that this is going to be a very long post, so I will jump into it…

I have quite a few primers in my collection at this point, but the Benefit Porefessional Primer is by far my most reached for. I have oily to combination skin and this primer just seems to work really well for me, all over my face. I tend to concentrate this around my nose where I have enlarged pores and I am the oiliest. I will then work whatever product I have left, out towards the edge of my face. This doesn’t control all of my oils and I do still have to powder and blot through the day, but I think it would be silly to think a primer can work magic, but this one is pretty close. I have been using this for around two years now and the change in how my makeup looks and applies is just ridiculous. I don’t think that I will find another primer that works as well for me as this one does.

I was sceptical about this foundation before I bought it. Everything in this products name would suggest that it wouldn’t work out for me. For one, I hate sheer foundations. If I am going to wear a foundation I want it to perfect my skin and make me look better, what is even the point in wearing a sheer foundation. Secondly, I am not a fan of glowing foundations, having an oily complexion. But I was sick of seeing everybody else wearing it and it looking freaking incredible on them, so I just thought fuck it and went ahead and bought it. I have to say that I bloody love this foundation. I have tried so many foundations over the years and nothing makes my skin look the way that this one does. It has a good amount of coverage, an amazing selection of colours, plus it makes my skin look flawless, but still like skin all at the same time. If I ever have an occasion where I need my skin to look incredible all day long, then this is the foundation that I will reach for.

Where do you even start with this concealer? I don’t even feel like this concealer needs any kind of introduction. I didn’t want to buy this concealer at the start. I saw everybody using it and it looked so incredible and like something that I would love, but because it was exclusive to Ulta in America, it was like gold dust to buy here in the UK, and I didn’t want to buy it and love it and then not be able to get my hands on it again. Then I saw that Tarte were having a free shipping day and I hopped on that as quickly as I could. This came through the post and I have been loving it ever since. This stuff is super full coverage, nice and creamy and looks a dream underneath the eyes because it covers everything. Since, I first bought this I have ordered another 2 from the Tarte website for when I run out. I love this stuff!

I love to cream contour, but I just don’t love many contouring products so I wanted to try something different and I went for this Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. I bought this in the shade Chestnut and it is just so perfect. All I have to do is place a couple dots of this around my hairline, cheekbones and my jawline and I am good to go. The best thing about this foundation stick for cream contouring is that it is really nice and pigmented, plus it blends out super easily. No matter what I use to blend this product out, whether it be a brush or a sponge it just looks flawless time and time again. It is a great product for when I am out on the go with it being a stick foundation. Not to mention that because this is a full size foundation stick you get hell of a lot more product than you would in a contouring product.

I have had this powder for so long now and I know that I have probably mentioned it far too many times here on my blog, but I just cannot get away from how much I love it. I have oily skin, so I have to set my foundation and concealer even when I am going for a dewy kind of look. I have tried loads of powders over the years and this is the first one that I have loved and sworn by. I have been wearing this stuff for years and the best thing about this is the incredibly value for money. You get nearly 90g of product, where in other setting powders you get either between 10g and 30g. Plus, this powder keeps really matte and controls my oils all day long without being over matte and drying my skin out. Of around £10, I really do not think that you can get any better than this setting powder and I highly recommend that everybody gives it a go!

Eyeshadow isn’t really my favourite part of my makeup. I always focus more on the base and I go for more neutral eye looks. I don’t have tons of eyeshadows or palettes in my collection. My OCD doesn’t allow me to have tons of single eyeshadows all over the place, so for me, the most logical thing to do was to create an eyeshadow palette, full of all the shades that I love. My palette is full of neutral tones which are really wearable. I reach for this every single day and I never get bored of wearing the colours in here. I have mattes, shimmers and glitters and they are so pretty. Each shade was £10 and there are 15 colours so that’s £150 on this one palette, but I think that it was well worth it. If you are like me, and just always go for neutral and keep things the same then I think that this is a great alternative to buying palettes because you know that you are going to get your money’s worth out of everything!

Over the years I have tried so many liquid eyeliners, cat eyes have always been my thing, so since I started doing it when I was around 14 or so, I have tried out so many products. The best one that I have ever tried is this Seventeen High Drama Eyeliner. Before I get talking about this product, I just want to say that it is only £3.99, which is just mad to think that this in my opinion is miles better than the LancĂ´me, Makeup Forever and YSL alternatives. What I love about this eyeliner is that firstly, the wand is so precise and allows you to get such a sharp edge and it is super easy to use. The product itself is jet black and dries down to a really deep matte shade. This Seventeen High Drama Eyeliner doesn’t move and looks flawless all day long!

I am sure that this mascara doesn’t need an introduction on any beauty blog. This is probably the most spoken about mascara ever. I bought it to start with just because of the packaging, I thought that this would look stunning in photography and for only a couple of pounds I thought that it would make a really great and cheap prop. It wasn’t until I ran out of my Benefit They’re Real Mascara that I actually thought to give this a go, and I fell in love with it. I love that the wand is curved and like a comb because I find that it really separates my eyelashes and fans them out. The product itself really makes my lashes stand up and look so voluminsed. Even though this isn’t a waterproof mascara I have worn it all day before and I don’t get any transferring or smudging under my eyes and it has never ran through tears or rain!

I bought this because I had seen Rosie Huntington Whitely using this on her Instagram when she was doing her makeup, so I had to buy it straight away. I have to admit that at the start I didn’t really get on with it. I just couldn’t get it to look very good. It looked quite waxy on my skin and I just couldn’t get the pencil to work very well for me. I persevered with it, because it was hella expensive for a brow product, but then I started to love it. Because of the thick nib, it is so easy to use, my brows are on in no time at all. The colour is slightly ashy, but perfect for my dark hair. I have tried hell of a lot of brow pencils, pomades, felt tips and tints over the years, but this is my favourite by a country mile. This is another product that I just don’t think is spoken about enough. The Tom Ford pencil is meant to be quite similar so I am really excited to try that out!

Before I started using brow gel, I kind of thought it was a myth. I just didn’t get how using a rock hard brow gel can possibly make your makeup look better. But, I bought this one and I fell in love with it. I have very big and natural brows and I love a soft brow look, so this is just perfect for me. I will either fill in my brows and set them using this or I will just go in with this on its own. This just keeps my brows looking in place all day and it is perfect for when I do looks like soap brows. I use the transparent gel because my brows are already full enough without an added tint to them as well. I have been using this almost constantly for nearly 4 years now and it is my favourite, nothing as of yet has taken this things crown.

I wanted to try this bronze and glow palette for ages before I actually bought it. I saw this splashed all over the internet and I don’t think that anybody can deny how stunning this looks. I really wanted to try it out, but I just didn’t know how well the shades would work for me. I finally got sick of toying with the idea and just went ahead and bought it and I am now so close to hitting pan, which just shows how much I love this. The contouring shade is just the perfect ashy tone for my skin tone and the highlighting shade is a lovely champagne colour, which adds a nice glow to the skin without being too intense. I wear every single day without fail and I am obsessed with it, it isn’t very often that I actually hit pan on an item, so that just shows how much I love this contouring and highlighting duo!

I think I saw Jaclyn Hill use this bronzer once on her YouTube channel and before I knew it I was checking out on Debenhams and it was with me the next day. This was one of the hardest things that I had to whittle down because I have so many bronzers, I even have my own drawer in my vanity dedicated solely to my bronzers. This bronzer to me is just perfection, it is the perfect shade for my skin tone, it is a lovely deep shade that actually looks like a bronzer on my skin. I often find it hard to find the perfect bronzer shade because of my tanned skin. This bronzer is just so buttery and perfection, even if you go in with a really heavy hand with this stuff, you can blend it out and it will look so stunning. I feel like this bronzer is nowhere near as talked about as it should be!

Blusher has never really been my favourite because I am all about the bronzing lifestyle. I personally just don’t see the logic in taking the redness out of your face using foundation and concealer and then you put it back in using blusher. Anyway, I saw these so called ‘nipple’ blushes, all over social media and I really wanted to try it out. What I love the most about this Charlotte Tilbury Blush is the two shades in this pan, an outer lighter shade and a deeper inner shade. I think with this you are meant to swish your brush around in the lighter shade and then apply the deep shade just as a pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks. I just randomly use it and the best thing about it to me is that the shade is just perfection and by far my most used blusher in my collection.

I feel like everybody in the world has tried this lip liner so I will try and keep this one as brief as possible. This lip liner is really nice and creamy, which is so incredible compared to other lip liners similar to the MAC ones which can be quite drying. This Pillow Talk Lip Cheat really is the perfect colour and suits my lips almost exactly so it is ideal for wearing day in and day out underneath my lipstick. Since I first bought this product I have gone through two full ones and I am now onto a third, which is quite a record I think when it comes to lip liners. I find that this lasts all day on my lips and really makes my lip colour last for hours on end, which is what I always want when I am wearing makeup. If you haven’t tried this already, I would highly recommend it, and any of the other lip cheats because they are all super creamy and pretty!

This was the first Tom Ford lipstick that I ever bought and I really had to talk myself into getting it. I am sure that post people know how expensive these lipsticks are, but in case you don’t know, I think I paid £39 for this, which is the most money that I have ever spent on a lipstick before. At first I wasn’t sure how a lipstick could justify such a high price tag, but then I tried it and I completely fell in love with it. The colour for one is just stunning, it is so pretty and natural looking, this is pretty much the exact same colour as my own lips, so it just makes my lips look really perfected. The formula of this lipstick is really creamy and buttery and it just glides on the lips so nice and smooth, it keeps my lips nice and hydrated all day long, but the colour pigment is really high and stays on my lips really good even through eating and drinking.

On my blog, I really don’t think that this perfume needs an introduction. I have been buying this perfume pretty religiously since I was around 14. I can remember using my mums when I was a little girl and I loved it. Then I found out that the incredibly Marilyn Monroe used to wear it and it made me love it even more. I have worn this pretty much ever since. I do have other perfumes in my collection, but this is my go to for an everyday basis. I don’t think that I will ever get bored of this scent, it is incredible and just makes me feel really luxurious and special when I wear it. I even love that people have started associating this scent with me now, because I wear it that much. I keep one of these on my vanity, a small one in my handbag and another in the centre console of my car so that no matter where I am, I am always close by to one.
I know that this turned into a very long post, but I can ramble on for days when I start talking about some of my favourite products. As normal, I will link to all of my favourite products that I have mentioned down below. If you want to see my full review of anything that I have mentioned just click the name of the item to be taken to that page. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what some of your ride or die makeup products are!



  1. I love all of these, need to try the Seventeen liner! Great post Danielle, thank you for sharing. Hope you are having a great weekend x

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    1. The Seventeen liner is incredible for the money!
      Thank you sweetie, you too!

      Danielle xx


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