Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My Bucket List

As I get older, I realise just how many things I want to do before I kick the bucket, as the old saying goes. I never really had a bucket list before, but recently my family has received some bad news about my grandparent’s health and it really makes you think about life. I know that it is a touchy subject and not everybody is open about talking about dying, but the truth is that none of us are going to live forever, the sad truth is that we don’t know what age we are going to be lucky enough to live to, and I have a list as long as my arm of all the things that I want to do and experience in my life. So, in this post, I am going to share with you some of the most important things, that I have on my bucket list.
Nothing on the list is really out there, like I don’t want to climb Everest or anything. To me, that just looks really cold and like more hassle than it is worth. I just want to do things that make you a better person, most of them are to do with family, friends and travelling which are all of my favourite things. I will try and keep this post as short as I possibly can, but still try and get all of the important things in there. So, here is my bucket list…

1)       Get married
I would love to get married. Even though I am only quite young at only 22, I would love to get married as soon as possible. I have been with my other half for nearly 6 years now and everything is so perfect. We have lived together for 4 years, so we know that we work well together, it just seems like the next step for us. I know to some people it will seem crazy to want to get married this young, but when you know you know, and I know that I only want him!
2)       Have my own family
I have always been very anti-children. It may be because over the years I haven’t really grown up around babies and children, but I could just never really imagine my life with children. I think that all kind of changes when you get to a certain age. I’m not ready to have children yet, I want to travel and have time with my other half just the two of us. But one day, many years from now, I do want to have my own family.
3)       Live in my dream house
I am a home bird. I hate leaving my house. If I get the offer of going out, or staying at home in my PJ’s with my dog, I’m going to be staying at home. I one day want to live in a house that is my ultimate dream home. I don’t think when you buy a normal house on the market, that it will ever be exactly as you want it to be. I would love to design and have my dream home built. I have a huge family, so I want to have a house big enough for everybody to be able to come around. I want to have a land around it and it be very quiet and private.
4)       Open a dog sanctuary
I am sure if you have visited my blog for some time, you will know that I love animals more than anything in this world. I have always had a dog and I always will do. I am sure that I will have around 10 dogs in my own home, but I really want to do something to help more animals, I want to be able to care and take in as many dogs that need help as possible. But, let’s get real for a moment, I will end up adopting every single dog that I take in. If I ever win the lottery, this is the first thing that I will be doing!
5)       Visit every state in America
I love America. I can’t count how many times I have been there in my life. We have gone on so many holidays when I was younger and it is just a place that I love to explore. My other half has never been to America before so we really want to do an American road trip, my best friend did one last year and she loved every moment of it. We are going to do it in 3 stages because it is going to take a really long time and be pretty damn expensive to do. The first trip we are going to do the east coast, next trip we will do all of the central states and then on the last jaunt it will be the west coast. I cannot wait to finally start the trip, it is going to cost an arm and a leg, but I think it will be worth it.
6)       See all of the UK
It is so easy to say that you want to travel. Travelling is one of my favourite things and one of the reasons why I bust a gut at work, so I can travel to all of the amazing places in the world. But living here in the UK, I am so lucky. There are so many places to see here and I want to see every inch of it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go up every single back road, but I do want to see all of the cities, monuments and history that it has to offer. I think that people in the UK, tend to take it for granted a little bit. I have gone on holiday abroad and never really dedicated time to actually exploring the country that I live in. We are planning on doing a drive along the south coast in the next couple of months and I am really excited, because I have never ventured that far south before.
7)       Go on Safari
Safari is something that I have always wanted to go on. I would love to see more of Africa because it is such a stunning continent with so much to offer. Not only does South Africa look out of this world, it has incredible wildlife that I would love to see in its natural habitat. I had the offer to go on Safari with my dad’s company a couple years back but I had to decline. My arachnophobia means that I cannot put myself in a situation where I know there are going to be big, fat and hairy tarantulas. At the moment if I did go and I saw something like that, I would be inconsolable, have panic attacks and it would ruin the trip. I hope to one day, with the help of counselling, be at a place where I can go there and not have to worry about that constantly.
There are so many more things that I want to do, but I thought that I would leave it there for now before I bore you all to tears. A bucket list is something that is very personal to one person. These are the things that I want to do before I pass through the pearly gates, but they may be completely different to what somebody else wants to do in their life. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what are the top things on your bucket list!



  1. I agree - when you know, you know - it doesn't matter about your age! You have a great bucket list here! xx


  2. sorry to hear you received bad news recently, lovely. thinking of you and your family, but so fantastic that you're seeking the positives from a shit situation and better appreciating this short little life we have!

    if you ever open that dog sanctuary, rest assured that i will come and live in it with you. i can't imagine anything better than beig surrounded by dogs all day. i like them more than most humans ha!

    katie. xx

  3. Great list ! I want to discover more of my country as well !

    1. I think it is so important to see every inch of where I live!

      Danielle xx


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