Friday, 7 July 2017

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Give Me Sun

I have literally wanted this bronzer for what feels like forever and a day. I first saw it all over YouTube years ago, and I really wanted it back then. But even back then when I saw it this bronzer had already been out a while, so I didn’t want to buy it and be like the nerd that is the one last one to have something and in the meantime, everybody else has moved onto something new.
So, I left it and waited for the love of this bronzer to fizzle out. Little did I know that it wouldn’t fizzle out and if anything over the years it has just got even more popular. I thought by buying new and more expensive bronzers that it would make me calm down a little with this MAC Give Me Sun Bronzer but it hasn’t and I still needed it.
I got to a point where I was just like… ‘fuck it’. I logged onto the MAC website and added it straight to my basket and checked straight out. I even paid £7 for delivery which I think just shows how much I really wanted to get this bronzer!
Anyway, let me jump into the review of this bronzer. Just a head up if it wasn’t already obvious, I bloody love it!

First up I just want to talk about the shade of this bronzer. For my deep skin tone this is just the perfect sun kissed kind of look, just as the name suggests really. I take this on a really big fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Blush brush or the Tom Ford Bronzer brush and it just goes on so seamlessly and it looks really pretty and natural. I can honestly say that I have never used a bronzer that is a nicer tone than this one is.
Next I just want to touch on how blendable this product is. I am always very liberal when it comes to my bronzer. I have always preferred the bronzed look to a flush with blusher but so I tend to go in quite heavy with it. Which makes it a really good job that this product blends away like a dream. I have used this within an inch of its live this past week and there have been times when I have thought I have applied too much, but it quickly and easily blends out and look really seamless on the skin.

Just really quickly I want to touch on the packaging. I have always been a MAC hoe and I have tried loads of things through the years. This is the first MAC compact that I have used with the new style packaging and I just have to say about how nice it is. It feels luxurious and so sleek at the side of their old packaging. Plus, it has a magnetic shut and I love that so much, it is the little things that I appreciate!
I can already tell that this is going to be one of them items that lives in my makeup collection forever. As soon as I put this on in a morning I feel like all of my makeup comes together and it looks so finished and it makes me look glowing. I already can’t wait for the warmer months because it really is that perfect sun-kissed look.
I’m not sure how this would look on lighter skin tones. I’m going to have to try it out on my sister whose skin is whiter than paper and see what it looks like on her. I will then let you know how it looks and if she lets me I might even take some pictures and upload them for you to take a look at.
I really cannot sing this MAC Give Me Sun’s praises enough. It has changed my bronzer game. I don’t even want to use any of my others anymore I just want this one day in and day out which I think just shows how much I love it.

As normal with all of my posts I will leave a link down below to where you can check out this bronzer if you want to learn more about it. Also, make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know if you have tried it out and what you think about it!



  1. It is so pretty. I haven't tried any MAC bronzers but I am using one every day and I love the natural sunkissed look these products leave to my skin!! Happy Friday beautiful!! x


    1. It is a stunning bronzer, I find myself reaching for it every single day!

      Danielle xx

  2. Replies
    1. I am a little bit of a MAC hoe!

      Danielle xx

  3. I haven't tried their bronzer before but this one seems quite popular I will have to go see if it suits my skin tone because it looks gorgeous!

    Lauren x Huggled

    1. I would definitely test it first to make sure it works, but if it does, it is so stunning!

      Danielle xx


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