Thursday, 29 June 2017

My MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

For a while now I have been getting together my very own MAC Pro Eyeshadow palette. You might have seen over the last few years getting a new eyeshadow here and there and it is finally complete and I really couldn’t be happier with the end result. It has taken hell of a lot of time and not to mention money to get it to this stage, but I think it has been worth it in the end.
When I first started my hoarding of MAC Eyeshadows I was just getting them in the individual pot and even though it was ok, it killed my OCD having little pots everywhere and not been able know what a shade was without having to pick every single one up out of my draw and look at the name. So, I did the easy thing and de-potted them and put them into a palette.
Then over the years as and when I have either gone into MAC or placed an order from them online I have slipped an eyeshadow into my basket to slowly by surely build up my collection. I am so happy with every single shade that I have now, I think I have picked them all really well because I think they are all really wearable and they can be used to get a really nice smoky eye which is my go to look.
I will insert a picture of the palette down below and I will label each shade in it so you know what they all are.

I know that there are probably cheaper ways of getting a palette like this. MAC even sell palettes like this with 15 shades in that are already completed that you can buy and I think they are a fraction of the price that I paid for this one but what I love about this palette is that every single shade is one that I actually want.
When I buy palettes, there are always some shades that I never use and some that I fall head over heels in love with and at least with a palette like this I can just replace the one shadow instead of having to buy a full new palette for one colour that I love.
I’m not going to make this post really long and bore you all to tears, I just wanted to show you my new finished baby. I am so happy now that it is finally finished. I use this every day without fail and I even use it for my eyebrows so I think that it is well worth the money.

Be sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what your go to eyeshadows are and what some of the eyeshadow palettes that you swear by are!



  1. All That Glitters is one of my all time favourite eyeshadows. I have repurchased it twice now - something very unusual for me! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. It is such a stunning shade isn't it!
      My most used is Cork, it is great for the crease! Xx

  2. I've never built my own eyeshadow palette, but I would really love to do so because, as you said, it is the best way to get a lot of wear out of it, I have so many shades I never use in my eyeshadow palettes! I love your selection of shades here, Naked Lunch and Bronze look gorgeous!

    1. It is such a great thing, I love my palette. It may have been pricier than buying a ready made one, but I love every single shade!

      Danielle xx

  3. I need to try it!

    Hadas - luxury travel and fashion blogger
    @The Fashion Matters

  4. I love the nude shades in this palette! I'm a massive fan of custom made eye shadow palettes. I am obsessed with makeup geek and colour pop eye shadows. If i do go high end with eye shadows, it will be for a custom made eye shadow palette.

    1. I really want to try some makeup geek shadows, I have heard only good things about them! Xx


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