Thursday, 1 June 2017

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder vs RCMA No Colour Powder

This post is the ultimate battle of the face setting powders. I feel like everybody and their mothers are talking about these powders so I wanted to do a little head to head so I can let you guys know which one I would personally buy again.

First up I want to talk about the amount of product that you get with both of these powders. With the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, you get 30g, which is a normal amount when it comes to a face powder. With the RCMA No Colour Powder you get a massive 85g! That much powder can honestly keep me going for a year.

Now for how these powders feel when they are going onto the skin. The Laura Merciertranslucent powder is really finely milled and when you are blending it onto your skin it feels like silk. I like to use this with the Real Techniques powder brush and the two together are such a good combination!

The RCMA NoColour powder is a little thicker consistency than the Laura Mercier, I would say it isn’t as finely milled but the difference is minute. This still goes on the skin really nice and softly, not quite as silk in texture as the Laura Mercier, but you can only really notice the difference between the two if you are overly obsessed with makeup like I am!

Next up is the packaging of these products. First up the RCMA, this packaging is a little crappy to be honest. It is just a plastic tube with a shaking lid. It is really messy to use, in the end I dispensed some of this into an old MAC powder pot. But for the price which we will get onto in a minute and the quality of the product I can overlook the packaging.

The LauraMercier Translucent Powder has really lovely packaging. For powder I think this is about as nice as it can get. It is sleek looking and feels luxurious to use. It also dispensed the product nice as you can tip some into the lid and use it from there rather than having to dispense it into another pot or palette.

As you guys may know from other posts on my blog I have oily skin, so powder is a big deal to me. Both of these powders held up really well against my skin tone. I apply both of these powders at around 7:30am before work and I won't have to touch up until the afternoon. Then I will just blot and dab my powder brush over and I am good to go!

Now for the important one, the price. The Laura Mercier Translucent Powder is £27, which for a high end translucent powder with 30g of product isn’t a bad price when you compare it to the MAC powder or the La Mer one. The RCMA No Colour Powderis £9.95 for 85g which is incredible, for the product and the amount you get I just cannot believe how cheap this powder is!

If I had to choose one of these powders I would without a doubt go for the RCMA No ColourPowder. It is staggering for the amount they charge and I know I will use this everyday as my full face application for a very long time! Don’t get me wrong I do love the Laura Mercier and I think I will continue to purchase it but for everyday application it is RCMA for the win!

As normal please leave me any comments below because I love to hear from you guys. I will also link below to all products mentioned in this post…


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