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My Makeup Capsule Wardrobe

I always hear people mentioning capsule wardrobe and I really love the idea. I have a wardrobe full of clothes but in reality, I have my favourite items which I just mix and match in order to create all of my outfits and that is what having a capsule wardrobe is all about. It is about having them key items which are really versatile.

So, I thought that I would do the same with makeup. In this post, I am going to let you know the key makeup items that I couldn’t be without. These items I use all the time and help me to create my day time too night time looks.

In this post, I am going to do a high end and high street version so there is a bit of something for everybody. Also, I am going to suggest products for a full coverage and also for a natural and soft glam. So, I won’t ramble anymore and I will just jump into the post…


Estee Lauder Double Wear/Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation/Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

First, I want to start with foundation, because everybody knows that I am a foundation nut. For the higher end I would go for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I love this stuff because it has a good amount of coverage, sits nicely on the skin and gives the skin a glow, but it doesn’t make you look dewy, just glowing.

Then for a mid-range I would go for the Estee Lauder Double Wear. This is a must have for me because it is amazing for them days when I need more coverage but I don’t want to feel caked in makeup. It covers everything and I know it is a go to for days when I want to look perfected.

For my drugstore, alternative I would go for the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I am an oily skin girl and this works perfectly. It is incredibly lightweight, really nice and blendable and best of all it covers everything. I always apply a really light layer and then I go in and stipple more product where I need it and it looks flawless!


Laura Mercier Translucent Powder/RCMA No Colour Powder/Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

For setting my face into place I have three go to products and I love them all for different reasons. First up is the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. This is a powder that needs no introduction, you see it all over the internet and that is for a reason, it is great. When I want to bake or just look overall perfected, I use this powder. It is a great high end powder and I think it is well worth the money. Plus, it keeps me matte all day long.

Then for my middle of the range powder I have the RCMA No Colour Powder. This is my everyday powder. It is matte and keeps me shine free all day, but it isn’t drying on the skin. I don’t feel like my pores are clogged or tight. Not to mention though that for around £10 which I think this product is and 3oz of product it is out of this world!

Then we have the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. This is my drugstore go to powder. This powder is so cheat, but oh so good. For a couple pound, you really cannot get a similar powder of the same standard. The small pan is great to keep in my handbag to blot with throughout the day.


MAC Sculpting Powders, Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, LA Girl Pro Conceal

I love to sculpt my face. Instantly you just see such a big difference and that is what I love about makeup. I have so many contouring and shaping products that it was really hard to narrow it down, but here are my three favourites. First up is the MAC Shaping Powders. These are pro powders and from these I have made my own tailor made highlighting and contouring palette. They have such an incredible formulation, they blend really well and are really nice and creamy. I have had these same shades for years now and I use them every day and I am still to hit pan!

For a higher end contouring product I would go with the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation. I like to take this foundation in a couple shades deeper than my natural skin tone and then go in the areas that I like to be contoured. Then using my Beauty Blender or my Morphe E20 I blend it out until it is seamless. For the amount of product you get for the price I think it is great quality and will last for ages with it meant to be an all over product.

Finally for my drugstore contouring product I have the LA Girl Pro Concealer. I have been using this to bronze up and contour my complexion for years. It is super creamy, it has incredible lasting power and the pigmentation is out of this world. A little really does go a long way. I use this all the time and I even tend to use this over my higher end products because the quality really is so good!


Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush/MAC Blush

I am not a massive blush person, I don’t know what it is. I think it is because I am more about the bronze and the contour that that blush has kind of took a back seat. But I do have two that I really couldn’t be without now. First up is the Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic blush in the shade Sex on Fire. This seems to be one of those products that is all over the internet, its nickname is the nipple blush. It is so good and gives a nice natural look.

Another goodie is the MAC blushes. I know when I reach for this blusher that no matter what the shade is that it is going to perform well and look really nice. That is just what the benefit of buying from a brand like MAC is like, you get consistency, and their blushes are the same.


Maybelline Sensational Mascara/YSL Shocking Mascara

I only have two holy grail mascaras. I don’t go mad with mascaras like I do with other makeup products. I think it is because I don’t really see how different they can really be. At the end of the day as long as they make my lashes long and black I don’t really care who it is by.

First one that I am obsessed with is the Maybelline Sensational Mascara. I am sure you have seen this product plastered all over every single beauty blog on the internet and there is a reason for it because it is amazing. It makes my lashes nice and curled and the product stays put. I don’t have the waterproof version but I have never had an issue with any transfer.

Now for the YSL Shocking Mascara. This is my holy grail. It really lifts the lashes and holds them in place. It dries more or less instantly which is great because firstly, you know it isn’t going to budge. Also, it means that you can layer it to build up the intensity if you want. This is an over the top mascara with the fancy gold packaging but well worth it in my eyes.


Anastasia Brow Pomade/MAC Eyeshadows

I used to hate my brows and now I am the biggest brow nut thanks to these products. If I don’t fill in my brows I literally don’t feel like me. Over the past few years I have built up such a big brow product collection, so these are the ones that are always top of my pile.

I used to have a love/hate relationship when it came to the Anastasia Brow Pomade. I used to go in far too heavy which was the issue. Now I have mastered it I am obsessed. It is so quick and easy. Not to mention that the price of the product for the amount of the product that you get is great, it lasts so long!

Now for my powder alternative which is the MAC Eyeshadows. When people sell brow powders they are basically selling eyeshadows in different pans. I have so many deep brown eyeshadows so I started using them in my brows. So now my go to brow powder is MAC Eyeshadow in Brun, it is perfect and lasts for ages.

Lip Liner:

MAC Lip Liner/Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat

I feel bad for this one but I don’t have a drugstore alternative. I don’t know what it is but I just haven’t found a drugstore lip product that I have been in love with. I have used them but nothing has stood out to me. So, both of my lip liners that I would include in my capsule makeup wardrobe are middle of the ranger to the higher end.

First up is the MAC Lip Liners. I think these are about £13 each and they are great quality. I use these more or less every day. They can be drying on the lips but with moisturiser and lipsticks over the top these are amazing. I have been using these for probably near on a decade and I am still obsessed with them and I just keep buying more and more!

Then for my higher end lip liner is the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat. These are the creamiest and most natural looking lip liners that I have ever user. They are amazing. For every lipstick that I own by Charlotte Tilbury I now have the matching lip liner because I really think that they are worth the money.


Tom Ford Lipstick/Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick/MAC Lipstick/L’OrĂ©al Lipstick

I think that everybody in the world tends to go overboard when it comes to lip products. For me, if I had to choose these are the lipsticks that I couldn’t live without. With these 3, I can create different looks from nice and natural to more full on looks. First up for a very natural everyday lipstick I would use the Tom Ford Lipstick in Indian Rose. This shade matches my lip colour really nicely, it just makes my lips look more perfected and healthy.

For a more muted and nude look I would go for the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips shade in Super Cindy. This is a pretty pale nude colour which looks great for when I am wearing a more intense eye look. The formulation of all Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks is really nice and I always look forward to wearing them. Not to mention that the packaging is amazing!

Now there you have the products that I couldn’t live without. If I was to strip back my whole makeup collection, they are the items that I would have to keep and the ones that I couldn’t live without. Plus, with these items I can create a whole array of looks!

If you have any questions or comments, then please feel free to leave them in the comments box below and I will get right back to you. I will also link above next to each product name where you can pick it up from if you are interested in learning more!


  1. I really want a nipple blush, just to say I have a nipple blush lol - I love the colour of this one though - it really is beautiful! I also really want to try a Tom Ford lipstick, I am yet to own one - but I will this year!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. A Tom Ford lipstick was something that I really put off because of the price but I love it!

      Danielle xx


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