Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Basics of SEO

SEO is something that every new blog needs to think about. In order to make a blog successful within the respects of the number of visitors that visits the page you need to know the basics of SEO. I wanted to create this post because I work in marketing and I manage the company website so over the years I have learnt and gone on many expensive courses to get learn everything there is to know about SEO.

Let’s start off by breaking down what SEO is… make your website appear higher up the ranking on search engines. For example, if you google “MAC foundation review” many posts will appear. But if you have great, readable and SEO rich content your blog will appear close to the top of the rankings, the goal is always page one on browsers such as Google and Bing.

The first point that I want to reiterate the importance of is keywords. When it comes to organically moving up the ranking on search engines keywords are your best friends. For example, if you have a blog post on ‘MAC foundation review’, you want that post to be visible on the first page of google or other browsers. By making sure that your post has them certain keywords in regularly Google will recognise that your post matches the keywords being Googled and will display your page.

Do not overdo it with the keywords through. If you put the keywords in too many times Google will think your page is spam and that you are basically trying to cheat the system. If this is the case and you just keep bunging the page in search engines will just write off your page and it won’t show at all. This is just a way to keep search engines as clean as possible and full of good content.

Another thing to do in order to get a consistent number of visitors is to maintain the use of keywords throughout your social media platforms. For my blog I use Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr as my social media marketing. I use these three because they are highly visible and they are the best channels for advertising posts and photography. When I post on these channels I will make sure that I accurately name the image. For example, if a post has gone up on my channel with a review on a MAC foundation, I will post my images from the blog post to my social media channels. This way when people search either in search engine images or on the social media outlets themselves my image linking to my post will appear.

A good tip is to make sure that your domain name and URL’s have your keywords in. For example, my site is called fashionbeautyblog.co.uk, so when people search for a fashion blog I have that keyword right in the domain name without having to do any work. I see many blogs and website named like Kelly’s Blog (made that up), but that doesn’t show any signs of what it will be about. Fun names are good or self-titled ones are great but that doesn’t help a search engine define what your website is about. Then with individual posts make sure that the URL that links to the post has the keywords in there such as fashionbeautyblog.co.uk/mac-foundation-review. This again will just help search engines to find your page from the first thing that they filter through.

When writing a post just have this in the forefront of your mind. One technique that I like to do in order to create SEO rich content I will write my post completely without thinking about SEO, and the I will read back through and see where I can insert a few keywords. Then once they are in place I will just read back through it to make sure it still reads well to stop Google from thinking it is spam!

I hope these tips helped you’re out and help to get some good and consistent visitors to your blog/website. Make sure to leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this post, also if you have any other tips and tricks make sure to let me know!

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